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Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell

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Responsibilities of All Hofstra Computer and Network Users Policy

Access and use of computing and networking resources at Hofstra University are privileges extended to members of the Hofstra community.  Access to Hofstra computing and networking resources is limited to authorized users and is for approved purposes only.

“Authorized users” is defined as “any member of the Hofstra community who is issued a Hofstra ID card, and UCCE faculty and students.” “Approved purposes” are those consistent with the law, Hofstra policies, and the broad instructional, administrative and research mission of Hofstra University and the user’s relationship with the University.

For the purposes of this policy, sensitive information is defined as all information protected by all applicable laws, including, but not limited to, FERPA, Gramm-Leach Bliley Act (GLB) and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), as well as information that is considered confidential to the University’s operations.

Hofstra University computer and network resources include, (but are not limited to): the computers, printers, networks, modem banks, online and offline storage media and related equipment, software and data files that are owned, managed or maintained by Hofstra University, as well as all networks reached via this campus-wide network, such as the Internet. Also included are any specialized computer resources or services that other Hofstra schools (i.e., UCCE, School of Law, etc.) may have implemented for the use of their department and/or academic discipline. Use of Hofstra computing resources, even when carried out on a privately owned computer that is not managed or maintained by Hofstra University is governed by this policy.
Hofstra University’s Computer Center provides data network services [known as the HOFSTRA NETWORK] for all organizations within the University. The Computer Center provides centralized computer-related services for instruction, administration and research. Other Hofstra schools may have specialized resources for the use of their department and/or academic discipline. 

Each holder of a Hofstra Network account, or of any school or departmental account permitting network access, has the responsibility to use resources referred to above in an ethical and legal manner and agrees to the following as a condition for the use of the account:

  • I understand that my access to Hofstra’s computing resources and network is for the sole purpose of facilitating my work as a University student, staff member or faculty member.
  • I will respect the privacy and reasonable preferences of other users (both at Hofstra and elsewhere on all connected networks), including the privacy of their accounts and data.
  • I will respect the integrity and security of the systems and network, and will exercise care to maintain their security.
  • I understand that computer accounts are for sole use by the account owner, and I will not share my account with other individuals or use an account assigned to another individual.
  • I will take precautions to safeguard passwords and other privileged information to which I have been given access. Any passwords, verification codes or electronic signature codes assigned to me are for my individual use only. I will regard them as personal identifiers of my computer use, similar to my signature on a document.
  • I understand that I am responsible for all actions performed from my computer account.
  • I will not attempt to monitor other individuals' computer or network use, nor will I attempt to obtain their passwords or any other private information.
  • I understand that, in the course of my work, I may be given or otherwise gain, access to confidential or privileged information relating to this or other institutions, or to Hofstra students, employees, or other individuals or groups. I will respect the confidentiality of all information to which I have access, neither divulging confidential information without appropriate consent nor seeking to obtain access to confidential information to which I am not entitled.
  • I will not make unauthorized copies of software, or perform unauthorized installations of software or reconfigurations of systems. And any receipt, transmission, use or destruction of software or data must observe U.S. copyright laws, and licenses restrictions.
  • I understand that accessing, altering or destroying any document, file or University records that I do not own or have rights to, is a violation of these policies.
  • I understand that my use of computing resources accessed via the Hofstra Network – whether provided by organizations within or outside the University – may be subject to additional norms of behavior or regulations specific to the resource, which I agree to follow.
  • I understand that my account is intended for the sole purpose of facilitating my research, educational, clinical, administrative, or other authorized goals. I may not use the Hofstra University computer resources to solicit sales, conduct business, download/share copyrighted materials, advertise or sell a service or use the system for any illegal activities. This applies to the use or application of any University resources, such as, but is not limited to, Internet access or e-mail through my personal computer.
  • I understand that the Hofstra Computer Center must authorize connecting a personal computer or device to the Hofstra University Network.
  • I may not engage in activities that damage or disrupt communications, hardware devices or software applications, such as but not limited to, virus creation and propagation, circumventing system protection mechanisms, playing games in the labs and/or overloading the network with excessive data.
  • I understand that while I am a student, I have an advertisement-free Hofstra Gmail account with the use of Google Applications.  I also understand that once I am no longer a student, I will retain my Hofstra Gmail account and advertisements will be included in the service.

I agree I will abide by these guidelines and any updates posted at

Use of Hofstra University computing resources by unauthorized individuals is strictly prohibited. Although the University does not as a matter of policy monitor the system for content, you should be aware that in special circumstances and for limited purposes, the University may examine certain files and archives. In addition, the University may be compelled to respond to subpoenas and other legal demands for information about system usage. Therefore, users should not have an expectation of complete privacy.
Please also be advised that the University requires compliance with applicable federal, state and local laws, including copyright, export and reexport laws, as a condition to system use.  Except as expressly permitted, users shall not alter, delete or modify any attributions included within any hosted services.  Users further agree not to engage in any activity that interferes with or disrupts the services, servers or networks provided.  Google e-mail account users shall comply with the terms and conditions set forth by Google in connection with those e-mail services. For more information on the civil and criminal penalties for violations of Federal copyright laws, see:

The programs you can access on the Hofstra network may contain CONFIDENTIAL information protected by various federal, state and local laws including, but not limited to, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999 (Gramm Leach Bliley), Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA), and the New York Education Laws. All users are cautioned to take appropriate measures to protect the privacy and integrity of this information and to refrain from engaging in any misuse or unauthorized disclosure of this information.>

Violators of the policies outlined in this document or in addenda at the Hofstra University Acceptable Use for Computing Policy web site, may find their network access disabled, with no prior warning, until sufficient safeguards have been put into place to ensure that no further violations take place. The University reserves the right to disconnect individual machines or sub-networks of the HOFSTRA NETWORK in order to preserve the smooth functioning and security of the network as a whole.
It is the responsibility of all network users to accept full responsibility for the use of their accounts and machines. Users of the Hofstra Network agree to preserve their sole individual use of their accounts by not sharing them with other individuals, by maintaining secret passwords, by changing passwords frequently, and by selecting passwords which are difficult to guess or decrypt. []

Violations include, but are not limited to:

  • Sharing network IDs and passwords (providing unauthorized use of network services)>
  • Chain e-mail or hoaxes
  • Harassment of others using electronic communication systems
  • Tapping phone or network transmissions
  • Software piracy
  • Privacy violations
  • Sharing copyrighted materials
  • E-mail bombing or spamming
  • Commercial us of University resources
  • Illegal activities as set forth in federal, state and local laws and statutes

Violations of the Acceptable Use Guidelines will be adjudicated, as appropriate by, Public Safety, Residential Life, Student Computing Services or the Office of the Dean of Students.  Sanctions as a result of major violations may result in any or all of the following:

  • Lost of Hofstra university computing privileges
  • Disconnection from the HOFSTRA NETWORK
  • Monetary reimbursement or other appropriate fines
  • Prosecution under applicable civil or criminal laws

Major violations include

  • Second offense of a minor violation ( listed below)
  • Hacking or attempting to circumvent security on another computer
  • Cracking or attempting to violate security on copyrighted materials
  • Intentional computer virus/worm propagation
  • Distribution or soliciting copyrighted materials
  • Electronic harassment of any kind, including but not limited to voice, e-mail, electronic chats, instant messaging, Web pages, etc.
  • Using network resources to solicit sales, conduct business or advertise a service
  • Any violation of federal, state and/or local laws using Hofstra University computer network or telecommunication systems

Minor violations include:

  • High bandwidth utilization
  • Abuse of University bandwidth and resources
  • Port scanning
  • Unintentional virus/worm propagation
  • Sending unsolicited e-mail
  • Internally recognized file server
  • Internally recognized sharing or distribution of copyrighted materials

Hofstra University is not responsible for any loss of data, damage to hardware or software on your personal systems at home, in the residence halls or public access computer labs on campus.
Hofstra University believes in the user's rights to privacy; however when there is sufficient evidence of wrongdoing, the University reserves the right to examine and impound any files, information or computer system(s) resident or attached to the Hofstra University network.

All persons accessing Hofstra University computing resources will be held accountable for their conduct.   Conduct which involves the use of University resources in an inappropriate manner or which violates another person's rights may result in revocation of computing usage privileges and is subject to University disciplinary action as outlined in the University's policies and Judicial Code as outlined in the Guide to Pride.  Such conduct may also be subject to criminal or civil legal action. 
Any abuse or violation of the rules outlined here (or of other rules and practices governing the use of computer networks to which Hofstra is attached) will lead to account suspension and immediate review, with the possibility of account revocation, further disciplinary action in accordance with Hofstra University rules and procedures, and referral to local, state and federal law enforcement authorities.
As a matter of routine, use of Hofstra computer systems and the Hofstra Network is monitored and recorded by authorized University staff members in order to safeguard the security and smooth operation of these resources.

These privileges and further clarifications are continuously reviewed and amended.  The latest updates to this document are available at