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Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine

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MD/PhD application FAQ

If I decide to change my program type, what should I do?
If you would like to switch from MD/PhD to MD only, you will need to log into AMCAS and change your program type. You can do this at any point in the application process. If you applied as MD only and would like to be considered for the MD/PhD program, you should call the Office of Admissions for counsel.

If I apply to the MD/PhD program, will I be considered for the MD program as well?
Throughout the application process, applicants to the MD/PhD program are always considered for the MD program as well. Your application is reviewed by a member of both the MD and MD/PhD Review Committees and, if interviewed, you meet with members of both review committees. If you are waitlisted, you will be placed on two waitlists. Applicants may elect to remove themselves from the MD/PhD application process at any point.

How is the MD/PhD interview day different?
The MD/PhD interview day is longer than an MD interview day. You will receive two one-on-one interviews like all applicants to the MD program; however, you are asked prior to your interview day to select 3-4 researchers from the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research with whom you wish to meet while visiting. After lunch, you will travel to Feinstein to have informal meetings with 2-3 researchers, as well as tour the facilities and meet with current MD/PhD students.

May I make changes to my application once it has been submitted?
Once your supplemental application is submitted, you cannot make changes to the application. You are welcome, however, to upload any updates to the application (AMP) portal, including an explanation of any mistake.

How can I be sure you received my letters of recommendation?
Letters of recommendation that are submitted through AMCAS can be tracked in the AMP portal. After logging in, go to the Status tab. Letters mailed or emailed directly to us are added to the application, but the applicant will not see the actual letter on the portal.

How can I print my supplemental application?
Log in to the AMP portal. Click the link to display your completed application. You can then print your application by using your browser's print function.

Where can I find my status report?
Go to the AMP portal and log in. Click on the Status tab to view your status report. You can print it by using your browser's print function.

How will I know when my application is complete?
You will receive an email indicating that your application is complete and in review. You may also log into the AMP portal and check the Status tab.

When will I know if I am invited for an interview?
Invitations to interview are extended between August and January. They are sent by email, so we urge you to keep your email address up to date with AMCAS.

For further information, please contact the Program Director, Dr. Betty Diamond, via e-mail or the Assistant Director of Dual Degree Programs and Curricular Initiatives, Tiffany Jordan at (516) 463-7417.