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Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine

MD Program: First 100 Weeks


The PEARLS Curriculum

PEARLS cases are specifically designed to help students learn the key concepts of biomedical science embedded in real patient cases. Essential principles of PEARLS include:

  • Challenging students to develop the higher cognitive levels of analysis, synthesis  and evaluation (focusing on "how" or "why", rather than "what");
  • Providing a bridge for linking pre-existing knowledge to new knowledge;
  • Encouraging students to look at each case from multiple perspectives: science, clinical reasoning, prevention, population health, etc.; and
  • Requiring that all members of the student group identify learning objectives, research information relevant to those learning objectives between sessions, and discuss/explain the results of that inquiry at the following student-led session, with the faculty facilitator present for guidance.

PEARLS cases thoroughly integrate all aspects of the curriculum and provide the structural framework around which the other learning sessions of the curriculum are constructed.