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The Structure Lab provides students with an approach to the structure of the major regions and systems of the human body by integrating normal anatomy, gross pathologic and histologic anatomy, medical imaging, ultrasound, and physical diagnosis.

During each session, faculty preceptors challenge students to apply their understanding of biomedical science in solving clinical problems by linking human structure and function. Students rotate in small groups through a series of stations in which they question and are questioned by each other as well as clinical and basic science faculty in a Socratic fashion. Exposure to and hands-on practice with ultrasonography is embedded within Structure Lab, including learning ultrasound principles and interpretation, as well as skills related to image acquisition. Problem-Based Structure is a dissection activity conducted in small groups throughout the First 100 Weeks, in which students deconstruct clinical cases into their basic science and clinical components and lead their peers through clinical problem-solving exercises.

Active Learning in Structure Lab
Structure Lab