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Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell

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July 2017
DateRelease Title
Jul 27, 2017Hofstra Northwell Pipeline Program Boosts Big Dreams for Deserving Students
Jul 10, 2017Hofstra Northwell Hosts 52nd Academic Competition
June 2017
DateRelease Title
Jun 30, 2017Proof Is in the Pipeline
Jun 20, 2017Hofstra Northwell Releases Sixth Edition of Art and Literary Journal
May 2017
DateRelease Title
May 12, 2017Hofstra Northwell Free Clinic Turns One
May 09, 2017Single Mother of Two Among 74 Graduates of Hofstra Northwell
May 05, 2017Renowned Cardiologist Cindy Grines, MD, Joins Hofstra Northwell
April 2017
DateRelease Title
Apr 26, 2017Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine Honors Teachers of the Year Drs. Joanne Willey and Jill Rabin
Apr 12, 2017Physicians Worldwide Honor the “Father of Endourology”—Dr. Arthur Smith
Apr 11, 2017Exploring a New Treatment for Brain Tumors
Apr 10, 2017Hofstra Northwell Hosts National Meeting for Latinos in Medicine
Apr 07, 2017Hofstra Northwell Celebrates Creative Art in Medicine
Apr 04, 2017Autism and Music Render the Perfect Pitch at Hofstra Northwell
March 2017
DateRelease Title
Mar 17, 2017Fourth-Year Medical Students Finally Meet Their Match
Mar 16, 2017Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine Rises High in the Grad School Ranks
Mar 08, 2017School of Medicine Raises $12k+ for Pediatric Cancer
February 2017
DateRelease Title
Feb 23, 2017School of Medicine Presents Artistry Without Limits
Feb 06, 2017Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine Brings Back the Brain Bee
January 2017
DateRelease Title
Jan 30, 2017Medical Students Stand in Solidarity Against Obamacare Repeal
Jan 17, 2017College-Bound Medical Scholars Pipeline Program Students Celebrate Scholarships
December 2016
DateRelease Title
Dec 21, 2016Feinstein Institute Scientists Discover More Detail About the Vagus Nerve and Immune System
Dec 19, 2016The Doctor's Note Is In
Dec 16, 2016Cultivating Creativity for Better Medicine
November 2016
DateRelease Title
Nov 15, 2016Feinstein Researcher and Hofstra Northwell Professor Awarded $1.8M Grant for Spine Study
Nov 07, 2016Hofstra Northwell Students Showcase Summer Studies at Scholarship Day 2016
October 2016
DateRelease Title
Oct 25, 2016From A New Nose to A New Rose – the Latest in Plastic Surgery
Oct 17, 2016Med Students at Hofstra Northwell Celebrate a Traditional Rite of Passage During Sixth White Coat Ceremony
Oct 16, 2016Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine Celebrates White Coat Ceremony for New Students
September 2016
DateRelease Title
Sep 27, 2016First-Year Med Students Put Their EMT Skills to the Test
Sep 12, 2016 Scientists Identify Previously Undiscovered Role of Enzyme in Regulating Blood Pressure
August 2016
DateRelease Title
Aug 16, 2016New White Coats Mark Transition for Nurse Practitioner Students
Aug 01, 2016New Study Shows Deadly Heart Attacks Are Best Treated by Coordinating Prehospital and in-Hospital Care
July 2016
DateRelease Title
Jul 27, 2016Hofstra Northwell’s Medical Scholars Pipeline Program Ends With a Celebration of New Beginnings
Jul 22, 2016Hofstra Northwell Medical Scholars Pipeline Students Volunteer through LIJ’s PEACE Program
June 2016
DateRelease Title
Jun 27, 2016Deserving Teens Begin Hofstra Northwell's Medical Scholars Pipeline Program
Jun 21, 2016Hofstra Northwell and Partners Create IMPACcT
Jun 14, 2016School of Medicine Associate Dean for Research and Feinstein Institute CEO Receives Shock Society Scientific Achievement Award
Jun 13, 2016Hofstra Northwell Releases Fifth Edition of Literary Journal
Jun 03, 2016Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine Honors Anatomical Gift Program Donors
May 2016
DateRelease Title
May 31, 2016Long Island Community Supports Women in Science
May 24, 2016Managing Epilepsy and Pregnancy
May 23, 2016New Study Shows Female Cancer Survivors Need More Fertility Counseling
May 12, 2016Feinstein Institute Spin-off TheraSource Receives $3 Million NIH Grant to Develop a Mitigator for Nuclear Disasters
May 11, 2016Chair of Dermatology Publishes Zika Study in JAMA
May 10, 2016Second to None
April 2016
DateRelease Title
Apr 18, 2016Northwell Health Announces 3D Bioprinting as Winner of Medical Innovation Contest
Apr 12, 2016Hofstra Northwell’s Osler Society Hosts “The Elephant in Every Room I Enter”
Apr 07, 2016Clinicians and Med Students Learn Medical Yoga and Meditation for Stress Reduction
Apr 06, 2016PathMaker Neurosystems and Feinstein Institute Announce Initiation of First Clinical Trial of MyoRegulator to Treat Muscle Contraction
March 2016
DateRelease Title
Mar 18, 2016Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine Graduating Class Celebrates Match Day 2016
Mar 11, 2016Thomson Reuters Lists Hofstra Northwell Professors and Psychiatrists as “The World’s Most Influential Scientific Minds”
Mar 09, 2016Feinstein Institute B-1 Cell Research Published in a Special Issue of Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences
Mar 09, 2016School of Medicine Makes Some Bald Moves for Baldrick's
February 2016
DateRelease Title
Feb 26, 2016Medicine in Theatre Group Delivers Scenes from Frankenstein
Feb 24, 2016Hofstra Northwell "Shears" Up for Baldrick's Day 2016
Feb 22, 2016Hofstra Northwell Student-run Free Clinic Opens in Queens
Feb 12, 2016Med Student Credited With Finding More Than Just a Hiccup in Patient's Story
Feb 02, 2016Medical Scholars Pipeline Students Receive $2500 College Scholarships
Feb 01, 2016Study Reinforces the High Value of Team-Based Early Intervention for Schizophrenia
January 2016
DateRelease Title
Jan 08, 2016Feinstein Institute Clinical Study Reveals New Approach to Diagnosing Low Back Pain
December 2015
DateRelease Title
Dec 16, 2015School of Medicine Teams Up to Improve Primary Care Training Nationwide
Dec 15, 2015Clinical Study in BMJ Quality & Safety Finds Remote Video Auditing with Real-Time Feedback Dramatically Improves Patient Safety and Efficiencies in the Operating Room
Dec 08, 2015School of Med Students On the Right Track
Dec 03, 2015Dr. Melissa Pawelczak Accepted to Educational Scholarship Program of the Academic Pediatric Association
Dec 01, 2015Feinstein Institute Researcher Receives $1.7 Million DoD Grant for Spinal Cord Injury Study
November 2015
DateRelease Title
Nov 23, 2015Physician-Authors Reveal Real-Life Mystery and Mayhem in The Strange Case of Dr. Doyle
Nov 16, 2015School of Medicine Professor Honored as First Recipient of Press Ganey “Physician of the Year” Award
Nov 05, 2015Student Research Making a Difference
Nov 02, 2015Coping With Suffering Through Creativity
October 2015
DateRelease Title
Oct 23, 2015School of Medicine Appoints New Chair of Emergency Medicine
Oct 21, 2015Med Student Research on Display at Scholarship Day 2015
Oct 20, 2015National Academy and its Foundation Inaugurate School of Medicine Professor as President
Oct 09, 2015Over 100 New Medical Students to Receive White Coats Friday, October 9, 2015 at 1:30 p.m.
Oct 06, 2015International Papillomavirus Society Presents Lifetime Achievement Award to Chair and Professor of Molecular Medicine
Oct 02, 2015Dr. Jennifer Mieres To Be Honored at The Association of Black Cardiologists Awards Gala
September 2015
DateRelease Title
Sep 15, 2015North Shore-LIJ to Change Name to Northwell Health
Sep 11, 2015School of Medicine Receives $50,000 HRSA Grant to Advance Healthcare Careers for Disadvantaged Rising Scholars
August 2015
DateRelease Title
Aug 28, 2015Researchers Use Brain Scans to Predict Response to Antipsychotic Medications
Aug 26, 2015North Shore-LIJ’s Michael Dowling Ranks 22nd Among Nation’s Top 100 Healthcare Leaders
Aug 04, 2015School of Medicine’s Medical Scholars Pipeline Program Celebrates a Successful Summer of Education and Exploration
July 2015
DateRelease Title
Jul 25, 2015Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine Receives $1.7 Million HRSA Grant to Enhance Primary Care Training
Jul 09, 2015CDC Awards $3.8M to North Shore University Hospital to Prevent HIV/AIDS on Long Island
June 2015
DateRelease Title
Jun 26, 2015School of Medicine Receives $50,000 Grant Renewal for Medical Scholars Pipeline Program
Jun 19, 2015LIJ Medical Center Receives Highest Nursing Credential
May 2015
DateRelease Title
May 13, 2015Single Low-Magnitude Electric Pulse Successfully Fights Inflammation
May 12, 2015From Pioneers to Physicians
May 05, 2015 From Student-Pioneers to New Physicians
April 2015
DateRelease Title
Apr 23, 2015A Celebration of Visual Art at the School of Medicine
Apr 08, 2015PBS Documentary Focuses on Preparing Future Doctors for the New Era of Team-Based, Patient-Centered Care
March 2015
DateRelease Title
Mar 20, 2015Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine’s Inaugural Class Meets Their Match
Mar 11, 2015Med Students Put Their Heads Together for Kids with Cancer
January 2015
DateRelease Title
Jan 29, 2015North Shore-LIJ Commemorates Dr. Martin Luther King with Scholarships, Awards
Jan 27, 2015Using 3D Printing, MakerBot and Feinstein Institute for Medical Research Create Cartilage to Repair Tracheal Damage
Jan 22, 2015Major Milestones Ahead for the School of Med in 2015
December 2014
DateRelease Title
Dec 11, 2014School of Medicine Professors Release Pivotal Findings in Treatment of Severe Traumatic Brain Injury
November 2014
DateRelease Title
Nov 06, 2014Student Research on Display at Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine's Scholarship Day 2014
October 2014
DateRelease Title
Oct 10, 2014Rite of Passage: Over 100 New Students Receive White Coats at Traditional Ceremony
Oct 07, 2014Setting the Policy Standard: School of Medicine Receives Top Ranking from American Medical Student Association
September 2014
DateRelease Title
Sep 30, 2014Med Student's Medical Device Is a Technology Winner
Sep 10, 2014Osler Society Examines the Art of Healing
August 2014
DateRelease Title
Aug 07, 2014School of Medicine faculty member, Dr. Joel N.H. Stern, Publishes Pivotal MS Study
July 2014
DateRelease Title
Jul 31, 2014Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine Receives $50,000 Award for Medical Scholars Pipeline Program
June 2014
DateRelease Title
Jun 19, 2014Medicine and Humanity: School of Medicine First in New York to Establish Osler Society
May 2014
DateRelease Title
May 19, 2014School of Medicine to Launch The Osler Society
May 16, 2014Cheryl Manne Award to Support Student Research in MS
April 2014
DateRelease Title
Apr 29, 2014Medical Students Teach Teens About Sudden Cardiac Arrest
Apr 10, 2014School of Medicine Faculty Named to National Quality Forum Groups
Apr 01, 2014School of Medicine Professor Appointed Chief of Pediatric Surgery at Cohen Children's Medical Center
March 2014
DateRelease Title
Mar 25, 2014School of Medicine Professor to Receive National Award
Mar 21, 2014School of Medicine Professors Publish Editorial in the New England Journal of Medicine
February 2014
DateRelease Title
Feb 14, 2014Feinstein Institute for Medical Research Receives U.S. Patent for Traumatic Brain Injury Monitoring Tool
January 2014
DateRelease Title
Jan 27, 2014Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine receives $10 Million Scholarship fund for Medical Students
December 2013
DateRelease Title
Dec 16, 2013Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine Student - Brian Dulmovits
November 2013
DateRelease Title
Nov 24, 2013North Shore-LIJ Physician Is First to Use Thulium Laser for Prostate Surgeries
Nov 14, 2013Radiation therapists ease cancer treatments for children by decorating protective masks
Nov 05, 2013Med Students, Health Sciences Library & Plainview-Old Bethpage Central School District Host Health Education Fair
October 2013
DateRelease Title
Oct 08, 2013Multiple Casualty Incident Serves as Unique Training Experience for Med Students
Oct 07, 2013 Eighty New Students Receive Traditional White Coats at Honored Ceremony
September 2013
DateRelease Title
Sep 20, 2013Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine Associate Professor to Lead $1.35 M Research Project at Feinstein Institute for Medical Research
Sep 15, 2013 Professor of Medicine Honored for Compassionate Care
Sep 09, 2013 Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine Associate Professor Recognized for Contribution to Medical Education
August 2013
DateRelease Title
Aug 02, 2013Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine's Third Class is Largest Yet With 80 Medical Students
Aug 02, 2013Stay Up-To-Date on Progress of Med School's New Building With Interactive Archive Camera
July 2013
DateRelease Title
Jul 24, 2013Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School Professor Receives Award for Research in Clinical Microbiology
Jul 24, 2013Medical Scholars Pipeline Program Serves Up a Summer of Enriching Experiences to 61 Local High School Students
June 2013
DateRelease Title
Jun 20, 2013Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine Receives Next Step in Accreditation
Jun 20, 2013Leadership in the Face of Adversity
Jun 06, 2013Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine Breaks Ground on New Construction
Jun 05, 2013Med Students Honor Donors to School's Anatomical Gift Program
May 2013
DateRelease Title
May 16, 2013Hofstra and Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine Announce the Creation of an Endowed Chair Awarded to Dr. Veronica Catanese
May 02, 2013Medical Student Named Representative for Emergency Medicine Residents' Association
May 02, 2013School of Medicine Professor Dr. David Elkowitz Named Distinguished Teacher for 2012-2013
May 01, 2013Medical Students & Faculty member honored by Friends of Sands Point Preserve for Work with BeeWhispering Program
April 2013
DateRelease Title
Apr 25, 2013Med School's Curriculum Stresses Ultrasound Skills Early in Medical Education
Apr 01, 2013
Apr 01, 20132013 Upcoming Lectures at School of Medicine, Hofstra and Feinstein Institute
March 2013
DateRelease Title
Mar 21, 2013Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine Students & Faculty Celebrate Second Publication of School's Literary Journal
Mar 13, 2013St. Baldrick's Foundation's head shaving event raises funds for childhood cancer
February 2013
DateRelease Title
Feb 13, 2013Study Shows Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine Students to Demonstrate Compassion and Caring for Valentine's Day
January 2013
DateRelease Title
Jan 09, 2013School of Medicine to Receive Empire State Development Grant to Support Medical Scholars Pipeline Program
November 2012
DateRelease Title
Nov 26, 2012Med School Hosts First Scholarship Day
October 2012
DateRelease Title
Oct 10, 2012Multiple Casualty Incident Serves as Unique Training Experience for med Students
September 2012
DateRelease Title
Sep 18, 2012Med Students Learn Medevac Operations as part of EMT Training
Sep 05, 2012Med School to Host Fall Biomedical & Narrative Rounds Lectures by Prominent Researchers
August 2012
DateRelease Title
Aug 24, 2012Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine Students Conducting Wide Range of Summer Research Projects
Aug 21, 2012Sixty-Two Local High School Students Complete Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine's 2012 Medical Scholars Pipeline Program
Aug 01, 2012Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine Welcomes Second Class Through its Doors
July 2012
DateRelease Title
Jul 09, 2012Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine Faculty Member Receives $400,000 Career Award from National Science Foundation
May 2012
DateRelease Title
May 21, 2012Medical Spanish Course Offered to First-Year Med Students at Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine
May 15, 2012Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine Students Work With Plainview Second-Graders to Teach Importance of Hand Washing
May 15, 2012Study Shows Hofstra North Shore-LIJ Med Students Praise iPad as Useful Tool in Medical Education
April 2012
DateRelease Title
Apr 18, 2012Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine's Students & Faculty Launch Inaugural Publication of the School's Literary Journal
Apr 10, 2012State-of-the-Art Simulation Lab Creates Real-Life Scenarios for New Med Students
January 2012
DateRelease Title
Jan 12, 2012Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine Grad Student Wins Research Poster Competition
Jan 12, 2012Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine Joins Forces with First Lady Michelle Obama to Combat PTSD and TBI
December 2011
DateRelease Title
Dec 16, 2011Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine Receives $5,000 Grant to Study Advising & Mentoring Programs at New Med School
November 2011
DateRelease Title
Nov 30, 2011Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine Health Sciences Library Receives $10,000 Grant to Study Effectiveness of iPads in Medical Education
October 2011
DateRelease Title
Oct 17, 2011Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine Presents Art Exhibit by Renowned Cardiothoracic Surgeon-Artist
Oct 11, 2011Health Literacy: Partnering in Patient-Centered Care
Oct 10, 2011Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine Faculty Member Receives $5,000 Grant to Participate in Humanistic Medicine Education
Oct 06, 2011"The Value of Vision as an Element of the Culture of an Institution"
DateRelease Title