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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation


Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

The mission of the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is to provide high quality and comprehensive clinical care to persons experiencing a wide variety of disabling conditions. The department also provides outstanding education to resident physicians, medical students, and other health professionals to ensure the future entry of well-trained rehabilitation specialists into the workforce.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, also known as physiatry, is a medical specialty that involves the process of restoring lost abilities for a person who has been disabled as a result of disease, disorder, or injury. The musculoskeletal, nervous, cardiovascular, and pulmonary systems are most often involved. Regardless of what causes the disability, rehabilitation specialists work to restore maximum function and quality of life for the patient—at home, in the workplace, and in the community. Our highly skilled clinicians deliver medical care in: neurological disorders, orthopedic rehabilitation, stroke and traumatic brain injuries, musculoskeletal injuries, amputation and wound care, spinal cord injury medicine, spasticity management (including botox injections and baclofen pump management), pain management, cancer rehab, occupational injuries, and electrodiagnostic testing.

At Northwell Health, physiatrists play an integral role in overseeing, managing, and ensuring that quality services are delivered at many of our rehabilitation programs. This leadership and physician oversight enables coordinated delivery of medical care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, skilled nursing and recreational therapy—allowing patients to maximize the benefits of rehabilitation on his/her road to recovery.

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