The MD/MSEd in Health Professions Education joint degree program is a special program designed for medical students at the Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell who are interested in acquiring knowledge and skills in the theory and practice of medical education and leadership. The MD/MSEd is considered an applied education degree in which all coursework and assignments are project-based, have practical application to medical education, and can lead to dissemination of scholarship among peers.

The educational mission of the MD/MSEd in Health Professions Education is to prepare future physicians with an expanded role as clinician educators and to advance in leadership roles in their area of practice. Participants will acquire foundational knowledge of the theories and principles of adult learning, leadership, and research skills applicable to healthcare education environments. Prospective and retrospective analysis of health professions education and practice will support academic advancement as medical educators in any chosen discipline.


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