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Patient Physican and Society

Patient, Physician and Society (PPS) is the curricular component which engages students in the social and behavioral sciences underlying the practice of clinical medicine.

Through skill-based small group sessions students discuss, debate, and practice the Zucker School of Medicine themes of professionalism, communication skills, and physical diagnosis as well as the drivers of the care continuum, decision making under uncertainty, social context and responsibility, quality and effectiveness, and scientific discovery.

Most small group sessions in PPS are taught in longitudinal groups which create a safe environment to build professional peer relationships, discuss challenging topics in healthcare, and learn from one other. Continuity groups led by a faculty mentor allow students to develop their own professional identity using the tools of reflection and small group discussion.

Large group sessions expose students to topics from ethics to epidemiology and provide a forum to bring patients into the classroom to discuss their illness and care integrated with the theme of the week and concepts taught through PEARLS, Structure, and MDHI. PPS sessions allow students to practice doctoring skills relevant to their early clinical experiences and reflect upon their professional and personal growth.

Curriculum Drivers