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Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine

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Junior Faculty Mentorship Procedures

Formal mentoring for junior faculty begins upon appointment to the faculty of the School of Medicine. Each department chair will be responsible for pairing each new assistant professor with a senior faculty mentor in his/her Department. This mentor will guide the junior faculty member in developing a professional career plan that includes the teaching, research and service components of being a member of an academic medical community. As the career trajectory of each junior faculty evolves, additional mentors may be identified and incorporated into a mentorship team. Faculty mentees will be encouraged to review their annual self-assessments with their mentor(s) and to collaboratively design the individualized development plan whose continual tracking constitutes part of the annual review process. Mentors, however, serve no role in evaluation of their mentees. Assignment of mentors with members and the effectiveness of the mentorship relationship will be specifically evaluated as part of each annual faculty review. Because service as a mentor is viewed as an essential responsibility of the School’s senior faculty, the quality and effectiveness of the mentorship relationship will constitute a portion of the annual review of not only junior, but also senior members of the faculty.

The success of the program will be re-evaluated annually by the Dean for Academic Affairs with the assistance of faculty annual review data compiled by the Assistant Director of Academic Affairs.