Policy on Student Access to Education Records

All students enrolled at the Zucker School of Medicine are protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and by Hofstra University's FERPA policy. Additional procedures specific to the Zucker School of Medicine are set forth below.


Reviewing Assessments and Grades:
Students are able to review their narrative assessments and their course and clerkship grades in one45 after the completion of each course and clerkship. For more information on examination review, please refer to the Policy on Examination Review.

Reviewing Transcripts, MSPEs, or Other Documents:
A student who wishes to review their transcript, finalized MSPE, or other documentation contained in the education record that is not otherwise accessible via one45 must make a formal written request to the Office of Student Records stating which aspects of the record the student wishes to review. The Office of Student Records must respond to the student's request to review the education record as quickly as possible, and within 45 calendar days. A School of Medicine official is present at all times during such inspection. At no time is the education record to be removed, copied, or physically altered by the student.

References to Regulations and/or Other Related Policies:
FERPA Policy, Hofstra University Guide to Pride, Pages 17-18
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
LCME Element 11.6: Student Access to Educational Records
Policy on Examination Review
Policy on Grade Appeals