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Student Research Advisory Committee

The student research advisory committee (SRAC) oversees several research endeavors at Zucker School of Medicine including:

Summer Research Program/Scholarship Day

The Medical Research Program (MRPs) provides students with an opportunity to conduct clinical and basic science research at either Northwell Health or Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. It spans June to August.

Students interested in a research experience at Zucker School of Medicine are encouraged to contact a lab of their choice (list of mentors for summer research, dates and deadlines). If students are interested in opportunities at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, they should contact Dr. Joel Stern for project detail information. Medical students approaching their second year, can apply to the Zucker School of Medicine Summer Research Program. The goals of the program include: expanding students’ understanding of how scientific and medical research is performed, teaching them how to approach the inherent uncertainty encountered in research, and proper interpretation of clinical and laboratory data. Applications are due on February 25th each year. For additional information, contact Susan Caulfield, MSeD, Director of Student Affairs.

Graduation with Distinction in Research

Students may be considered for graduation with Distinction in Research if they significantly contributed to the design and execution of a research project that culminated in a submission of an original article to a peer-reviewed, Pub-Med indexed journal during medical school. To qualify, the research project must be hypothesis driven, and the student’s contribution must meet the Zucker School of Medicine’s criteria for authorship. Each student may submit only one paper for consideration. Observational and case-based reports are excluded. An application form must be submitted to the Student Research Advisory Committee by March 1 of the student’s graduation year. The Student Research Advisory Committee will consider each student’s participation on a case-by-case basis and invite qualified applicants to present their project and their contribution to its outcome to the committee. A final decision regarding graduation with Distinction in Research will be made by the committee following the presentation. For additional information, contact Dr. Joel Stern and Tiffany Jordan. Guidelines for Graduation with Distinction in Research

Fourth Year Research Electives

During the 4th year of medical studies, students are encouraged to conduct research in one of the labs within the Northwell Health System. Electives can range in time from 4-12 weeks. For additional information, contact Tiffany Jordan, MHEA.

Application Form

Independent Study in Medicine

The SRAC reviews application submitted by students who are taking a year off from medical school to conduct research. Every application is reviewed on a case by case basis. For additional information, contact Tiffany Jordan, MHEA and Dr. Joel Stern.

Committee Members

Joel N.H. Stern, PhD (Chair)
Catherine Bangeranye, PhD
Marie Barilla-Labarca, MD
Judith Brenner, MD
Brett Cox, MD
Maya Frankfurt, PhD
Thomas Kwiatkowski, MD
Youn Seon Lim, PhD
Rob Lucito, PhD

Li Ma, MD, PhD
Christine Metz, PhD
Edmund Miller, PhD
Zeinab Nassrallah, PhD
Melissa Pawelczak, MD
Horacio Rilo, MD
Barbara Sherry, PhD
Bettie Steinberg, PhD
Joanne Willey, PhD