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Student Research Opportunities

The Zucker School of Medicine recognizes the importance of research in medical education and encourages students to take an active role in their respective fields of study. Investigative work entails hands-on experience that not only enhances what students learn in the classroom but also allows them to forge unique connections with peers and mentors in an area of interest while contributing to the advancement of medicine at an early stage in their career.

During the summer of the first year of training at the Zucker School of Medicine, more than half of first-year students participate in some form of research, and nearly all do so by graduation. Facilitated by the Office of Student Affairs and the Student Research Advisory Committee, students have the opportunity choose from several different types of research projects that explore a variety of key areas in medicine. These include short-term and longitudinal studies in basic science, clinical research, community health, medical education, medical humanities, and quality improvement.

Throughout their investigations, medical students work with leading clinician-scientists in a variety of research settings and institutions, which is comprised of our vital partnerships with the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.