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Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine

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Emergency/Urgent Service Contact Information

The Office of Student Affairs has a dedicated phone which can be used to contact a staff member outside of normal business hours and in emergent situations. The on-call number is (516) 236-4085. Students are provided this number during Orientation. It is also listed on the Student Affairs website and on the Needle stick/Exposure cards. Members of the student body are required to keep these cards on their person at all times.

* When using on-campus phones to call other campus numbers, always press 3 first followed by the last four digits of the phone number.

** When using on-campus phones to dial off campus, always press 9 first.

School of Medicine, Office of Student Affairs On-Call Phone 516-236-4085

Hofstra University Public Safety Department:

For police, fire or medical


For information 


For all other inquiries 516-463-6606
Hofstra University Campus Alert Hotline 516-463-1234
North Shore - LIJ Health System’s Center for Emergency Medical Services (CEMS) 855-432-7811
Center For Disease Control (CDC) 24-Hour Emergency Hotline 888-448-4911
Hofstra University Health and Wellness Center 516-463-6745
Hofstra University Student Counseling Services 516-463-6791
Hofstra University Help Desk/Tech Support 516-463-7777
North Shore - LIJ Health System Help Desk/Tech Support 718-470-7272