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Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine

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Victor Fornari, MD

A safe learning environment is of the utmost importance at the School of Medicine. Our students are taught to identify a negative learning climate that may conflict with ideal professional values, and how to articulate, accurately describe and ultimately address the features of this climate.

If a student has any concerns, he/she may discuss these with the Associate Dean for Student Affairs.

If a student wishes, he/she may also report confidential concerns to the School of Medicine Ombudsperson. He provides a neutral, confidential and independent resource for dispute resolution for students, staff, faculty, residents and postdoctoral scholars. The Ombudsperson may serve as an intermediary, mediator, facilitator, informal information gatherer, or simply as a listener.

The Ombudsperson has no authority to take action, but has access to anyone in the school for the purpose of informal resolution of concerns and disputes. Issues not resolved by the three complimentary processes described above will be brought the Vice Dean/Dean for Academic Affairs, who will follow the grievance /conflict resolution process as described in the Student Mistreatment Policy at: