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Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine

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Academic Support

The academic advising system is co-managed by the Office of Student Affairs and the Office of Academic Affairs.

The Office of Student Affairs provides several resources for students who experience academic difficulty during their journey through medical education. Prior to matriculation, the Associate Dean of Student Affairs encourages incoming students to self-identify any concerns they may have regarding their academic or personal adjustment to medical school. Students with documented learning disabilities work directly with the Office of Student Affairs to obtain appropriate academic support and accommodations. If necessary, the Associate Dean for Student Affairs may refer a medical student to the University’s Services for Students with Disabilities, which works with individual students to document and support previously unrecognized disabilities that affect academic performance.

Soon after matriculation, the School of Medicine provides access to a series of faculty-produced online modules on basic topics in biochemistry and molecular biology for those students who might consider themselves less well-prepared or who might desire a refresher resource in these areas. Due to frequent and comprehensive formative and summative assessments at the School of Medicine, students experiencing academic difficulties are identified at an early stage. Concerns raised by faculty are brought to the attention of the course directors. The course directors then either directly address any concerns with the student or, if necessary, refer the student to his/her Academic Advisor or the Associate Dean for Student Affairs. Assistance, whether directed toward a student’s academic or personal challenges, is offered based upon the individual student’s concerns and needs.

For assistance with these services, please contact the Office of Student Affairs for assistance.