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Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine

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Why Choose Us?

First-Class Education

A superior medical education awaits future physicians who enroll in Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine at Hofstra University.  Students learn in an innovative, highly interactive and participatory program developed by faculty from 22 departments of the medical school and from other Schools of the University. Guided by teams of experienced clinicians and medical scientists, they'll put their learning into action, from the very first days of their training in state-of-the-art facilities at one of the country's leading healthcare systems.

The School of Medicine presents information thematically - by analyzing the human body's systems and the diseases and conditions that affect them - so that students learn scientific concepts in context and relate them directly to health, disease and illness. Faculty preceptors track students' progress and provide feedback frequently.  At the end of each course, the School assesses students' acquired knowledge, skills and attitudes to ensure that they're meeting set benchmarks.

Prime Location

Located just 25 miles from Manhattan, the School of Medicine is close to the excitement of the city and easily accessible by car or Long Island railroad.  The Medical School's Long Island location puts it in easy proximity to shopping, restaurants, world-famous Jones Beach and Long Beach, parks, golf courses and sporting arenas. The famed resort area, the Hamptons on Long Island's East End, is little more than an hour's drive away.

On-Campus Amenities

Medical students are offered attractive, comfortable, graduate-student housing on campus as well as dining options, recreation and entertainment. There's an array of convenient dining halls and eateries including the medical school's own cafe; extensive fitness and athletic facilities, including an indoor pool and gymnasium; outstanding entertainment such as concerts, theatre, films, lectures and sporting events; an art museum, and ample parking.