Curriculum Renewal

Curriculum Renewal


Dr. Samara Ginzburg, Vice Dean and Dean for Education discusses Curriculum Renewal and why it is important.

Participation in Curriculum Renewal


It has been almost 15 years since the Zucker School of Medicine set out to transform the way medicine is taught and learned. Over the past decade and a half, the school's unique curriculum, with its case/problem-based learning, small group sessions, and hands-on approach, has helped students sharpen their critical thinking, develop clinical skills, and prepare for the challenges of meeting the needs of our population.

However, a lot has changed in the relatively short time since the Zucker School of Medicine graduated its first class in 2015. We have seen advancements in all areas, including the delivery of healthcare, and the COVID pandemic exposed the inequity of the healthcare system, forcing us to examine how we at the ZSOM are addressing the community's healthcare needs.

In 2008, when we launched our mission to prepare the next generation of physicians, we thoroughly examined and defined tomorrow's healthcare climate. Today, we ask you to join us on a new journey called Curriculum Renewal: Courage to Change. Together, we will assess our accomplishments, imagine the future, and build upon our firm foundation by addressing emerging societal trends, innovations in healthcare and technology, meeting the needs of future learners and educators and most importantly, our patients. Curriculum renewal will shape how we prepare our medical students for tomorrow's healthcare industry and inform the school's mission and vision into 2035 and beyond. 

Your dedication and commitment are critical to the success of our school and future healthcare professionals, and we look forward to your continued support and participation as we embark on this engaging journey together.

David Battinelli, MD
Dean, Zucker School of Medicine

Samara Ginzburg, MD
Vice Dean & Dean for Education, Zucker School of Medicine

Lawrence G. Smith, MD, MACP
Founding Dean, Zucker School of Medicine

Through series of conversations, the Curious Questioning teams will work together to perform an analysis on our current curriculum, and propose initiatives and changes that will prepare our medical students for tomorrow's healthcare industry and inform the school's mission and vision into 2035 and beyond. The full process will incorporate feedback from people in every area of the educational program, including graduates, current students, faculty, staff, and other stakeholders. Click here to join a team!

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Throughout the Curriculum Renewal process, ZSOM will be inviting speakers to engage in discussion, stimulate creative thought, and deliver content that will help set a foundation for analysis, reflection, and inspiration as we journey to a renewed curriculum.

Please join us for the following Curriculum Renewal Speaker Series events.

It’s not too late to participate in our Curriculum Renewal initiative. You can watch and interact with all past events: Speaker Series, Town Hall, and Fall Retreat. Click here to view past event information.

Curriculum Renewal

Steering Committee

Comprised of faculty, staff, and educational leadership, the Curriculum Renewal Steering Committee will be coordinating this endeavor through their involvement in subcommittees, critical thinking, and advising the dean of final recommendations.

Curriculum Renewal


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