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Dr. Bob’s Cog Blog
The goal of this blog is to discuss how cognitive science applies to education.

Dr. Merl
Dependable reviews of medical education research literature.

eLearning Bites
Evidence-based active online learning, very cool!

InformED is your learning and ideas hub. It’s a resource for curious minds and a platform for passionate voices. It’s an island of educational insight—diligently researched and carefully curated—in a sea of endless, often repetitive information.

Osmosis Blog
A blog by the folks behind

Retrieval Practice
Unleash the science of learning!

TedMed Blog
A trusted global community sharing ideas, discoveries, breakthroughs, and passions.

The Learning Scientists
We are cognitive psychological scientists interested in research on education. Our main research focus is on the science of learning. (Hence, "The Learning Scientists"!) Our Vision is to make scientific research on learning more accessible to students, teachers, and other educators.