Student Life

Student Organizations

Student Life at the Zucker School of Medicine is supported by the Office of Student Affairs, Zucker Student Council and over 90 active student organizations. Medical students have the option of getting involved in many of these organizations throughout their time in medical school. Student Council, through these organizations, hosts over 350 extracurricular events throughout the year, ranging from social activities for each class to events that focus on special interests, to student-hosted regional conferences and school-wide functions, such as our winter formal.

Local Connections

Extracurricular events are just the beginning of student involvement at the medical school. Connections to local chapters of national organizations, local healthcare organizations, and opportunities to pursue personal interests create early engagement for medical students to connect with their peers outside of medical school. Whether it’s joining a local gym or intramural team, visiting a new restaurant or exploring Long Island, students use their free time to take a break from academic life.

On-Campus Amenities

Taking a break doesn’t have to mean leaving campus. The Zucker School of Medicine is located on the north side of Hofstra's campus, close to several amenities that medical students often visit. Medical students are one of the largest graduate student populations that use Hofstra’s Fitness Center, which is a short walk from the Zucker School of Medicine building. The Swim Center is located right next door to the medical school and members of the Zucker School of Medicine’s Swimming Club can often be found there. The Zucker School of Medicine grounds include a large outdoor lawn and patio, a basketball court, and within the Zucker School of Medicine building is a Student Lounge, complete with kitchenette, pool table and ping pong table, a gaming area, nap pods, a music room, the Club Locker room and Student Council Office. This retreat within the medical school building allows students to take advantage of some down time throughout the day. Many student organizations use this space for formal programs or informal gatherings.

Where Student Live

The majority of medical school students live off-campus and commute by personal car to their classroom and clinical responsibilities daily.  The proximity of the Zucker School of Medicine and the Northwell Health hospitals and clinical sites, and available housing options allow students to attend extracurricular activities when schedules allow.  Various housing resources are available and additional information can be found by contacting the Office of Student Affairs.

Parking at the Zucker School of Medicine

The Zucker School of Medicine has ample student parking available directly adjacent to the medical school building. Students are also provided parking privileges at affiliated hospital sites.

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