Zucker School of Medicine


Support Staff - Office of the Dean


Mimi Beskydova Operations Coordinator 516-463-7202 Email
Treisha Green, MBA Professionalism Coordinator 516-463-7589 Email
Tiffany Jordan, MHEA Assistant Director, Curricular Initiatives and Grants Management 516-463-7417 Email
Krista Paxton Medical Education Program Manager 516-463-7571 Email
Gerri Sikes Executive Assistant to the Dean 516-463-7384 Email
Elizabeth Urbanski, MPA Strategic Initiatives Manager 516-463-7412 Email
Ginny Walsh Personnel Coordinator  516-463-7262 Email

Academic Success

Katie Romeo, MD Director, Academic Success 516-463-7579 Email


Rona Woldenberg, MD Associate Dean for Admissions 516-463-7532 Email
Lisa Ellenbogen, MSEd Director of Admissions 516-463-7508 Email
Lauren Caprioglio, MSEd, MA Admissions Engagement and Outreach Manager 516-463-7652 Email
Valeria  Merced Admissions Coordinator 516-463-7430 Email
Timothy Boudreau Admissions Data Analyst 516-463-7509 Email
Ivonne Viders Senior Assistant To 516-463-7549 Email

Career Advisement

Louis H. Miller, MD, FACC, FACP Assistant Dean for Career Advisement 516-463-7432 Email
Daniel Howlin, MBA Program Coordinator,
Student Professional Development
516-463-7483 Email

Clinical Experiences

Lauren Roseman Assistant Director of Clinical Experiences 516-463-7435 Email
Sunhee An Program Coordinator 516-463-7635 Email
Roxanne Croll Program Coordinator 516-463-7597 Email
Colin Kuntzler Program Coordinator 516-463-7635 Email
Michael Parrish Program Manager 516-463-7531 Email


Lois Bentivegna, MS Director of Communications 516-463-7480 Email
Dhanya Manu, MS Assistant Director, Digital Communications 516-463-7529 Email
Justin Chupungco, MS Communications and Marketing Specialist 516-463-7541 Email

Development and Alumni Affairs

Anne Dalgish Koestner, MSEd, MPA, CFRE Director of Development and Alumni Affairs 516-463-7582 Email
Mimi Beskydova Operations Coordinator 516-463-7202 Email

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Robert Roswell, MD, FACP, FACC Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion 516-463-7528 Email
Catherine Bangeranye, PhD Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and Professional Development 516-463-7340 Email
Johanna Martinez, MD, MS Assistant Dean for Community Engagement 516-463-7347 Email
Gina Granger, MA, MSEd Director of Pipeline Programs 516-463-7550 Email
Crystal Mackey, MA, MSEd Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Manager 516-463-7693 Email
Angela Russo Administrative Assistant 516-463-7163 Email

Educational Data and Analytics

Jeffrey Bird, MA Director, Educational Data and Analytics 516-463-7567 Email
Kimberly Strull Analyst, Educational Data and Analytics 516-463-7436 Email
Cristine Papasodero Educational Data and Analytics Coordinator 516-463-7204 Email


Connor Pilkington, MBA Assistant Director of Event Services and Scheduling 516-463-7581 Email
Danielle M. Valentino Events Coordinator 516-463-7126 Email

Faculty Affairs

Jennifer Mieres, MD Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs 516-463-7583 Email
Whitney Steller, MA Assistant Director, Faculty Affairs 516-463-7418 Email
Serena Fuccillo Faculty Affairs Coordinator 516-463-7525 Email

Faculty Development

Alice Fornari, EdD, RD Associate Dean for Educational Skills Development 516-463-7522 Email

Financial Affairs

Alexandra S. Cruz, MBA Director, SOM Financial Affairs 516-463-7530 Email
Lori Turczyn, MSEd SOM Financial Affairs Manager 516-463-7592 Email
Edie Reilly, MSEd, MA Budget Analyst 516-463-6905 Email

Health Sciences Library

Debra Rand, MS, AHIP Associate Dean for Library Services 516-463-7537 Email
Wendy Herman, MLIS, AHIP Director, Health Sciences Library 516-463-7594 Email
Leanna Stager, MLIS Senior Data Analyst 516-463-7510 Email
Lena Bohman, MLIS Senior Data Services and Research Impact Librarian 516-463-7510 Email
Annette Adomavicius Accounts Clerk Specialist 516-463-7548 Email

Information Technology

Nikia Lubin, MS, MSEM, MBA   Director, SOM Information Technology   516-463-7558   Email  
Alex Cipollone, MS   IT Support Analyst   516-463-7461   Email  
Michael Schliemann   IT Support Analyst   516-463-7641   Email  

Integrated Learning

Katie Flood Assistant Director of Integrated Learning 516-463-7437 Email
Danielle Mallon Program Manager 516-463-7545 Email
Shannan Pearsall Program Coordinator 516-463-7492 Email
Aubree Sullivan Program Manager 516-463-7534 Email
Jennifer Vogt Program Coordinator 516-463-7492 Email
Laura Yanega Program Coordinator 516-463-7597 Email


Joseph Nicolini, MHA Assistant Dean for Operations 516-463-7515 Email
Mimi Beskydova Operations Coordinator 516-463-7202 Email
Keith Casey Public Safety Officer 516-463-7415 Email
Edward Olson Public Safety Officer 516-463-7415 Email
Christina DeRespino Clerk Specialist 516-463-7546 Email

Pipeline Programs

Gina Granger, MSEd Director of Pipeline Programs 516-463-7550 Email

Science Education

Joanne Willey, PhD Chair, Department of Science Education
Leo A Guthart Professor of Biomedical Science
516-463-7593 Email
Megan Rice Science Education Coordinator 516-463-7591 Email
Malika Martin Science Education Coordinator 516-463-7276 Email
Stacey Becker, MS Senior Support Specialist 516-463-7587 Email

Student Affairs

Jodi Langsfeld, MSEd Associate Dean for Student Affairs 516-463-7145 Email
Susan Caulfield, MSEd Assistant Dean for Student Services and Wellbeing 516-463-7536 Email
La-Keysia Taylor, MPA Director, Student Affairs 516-463-7130 Email
Daniel Howlin Program Coordinator, Student Professional Development 516-463-7483 Email
Carol Peng, MS, MBA Student Milestone Events Manager 516-463-7462 Email
Monica Albanese Student Affairs Coordinator 516-463-7634 Email

Student Finance

Jennifer Spinks, MSEd Director of Student Finance 516-463-7560 Email
Korinne Suter, MSEd Assistant Director, Student Finance 516-463-7387 Email
Erin McPartland Financial Aid Coordinator 516-463-7387 Email

Student Records

Vanessa Gonzalez, MSEd, MA Registrar and Director of Student Records 516-463-7278 Email
Gina Scarchilli Coordinator, Student Records and Visiting Student Services 516-463-7128 Email

Whole Body Anatomical Gift Program

Robert Hill, PhD Director, Structural Sciences and Director, Anatomical Gift Program 516-463-7266 Email
John Pedone Anatomical Gift Program Administrator 516-463-7505 Email