Anatomical Gift Program

MISSION STATEMENT: The Whole Body Anatomical Gift Program of the Zucker School of Medicine is dedicated to facilitating the medical education and research needs of health professionals and fulfilling the wishes of our donors in an atmosphere of professionalism, scholarship, and reflection.

We sincerely thank you for your interest in helping to further medical education at the Zucker School of Medicine. Anatomical study forms an essential foundation for the education of health professionals, and your generosity will help to establish this base of knowledge.

The need for your donation is great, and your gift will be honored and valued by many. Our Whole Body Anatomical Gift Program holds compassion for donors, professional competence, and legal correctness as its central tenets, and considers the wishes of the donor and their families as primary to our mission.

On this web site, you will find a description of the donation process, answers to frequently asked questions, and downloadable forms and brochures for enrollment in the Whole Body Anatomical Gift Program. If you have additional questions after reviewing this information, please feel free to contact our offices at (516) 463-7505 or email us.

Read about Professor Mike D'Innocenzo's decision to donate his body to the School of Medicine's Anatomical Gift Program.

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