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Committee on Anti-racism and Allyship (CARA)



The Committee on Anti-racism and Allyship aims to address structural racism, promote allyship, and enhance the climate of inclusion within the ZSOM community, by providing opportunities for professional development and leadership training in efforts to foster health equity within the communities we serve as educators, physicians, administrators, and future healthcare providers


When the Committee on Anti-racism and Allyship (CARA) was established in June 2020, the Executive Committee collected concerns and suggestions from students, faculty and staff. Five clear themes emerged; Curriculum, Co-Curricular Programs, Employee Education & Development, Institutional Culture and Immediate Concerns.

Executive Committee

  • Curriculum

    Mission: Create a longitudinal curriculum thread to educate students on the history of medicine in America using a critical anti-racism lens, health inequities, microaggressions, social determinants of health and racial injustices of all groups, but particularly focusing on Black & Brown patients.
    Co-chairs: First 100 Weeks - Dr. Susan Deutsch, Disha Yellayi, Second 100 Weeks - Dr. Ellen Pearlman, James Alzate

  • Co-Curricular Programs

    Mission: Critically review existing co-curricular programs and collaboratively create new programs that enhance and/or extend institutional efforts for anti-racism and allyship. Co-curricular programs are defined as any program targeting academic, professional or personal development outside the classroom or clinical time such as mentorship, extracurricular activities, networking, conferences, research, scholarships, honor societies, psychological and physical safe spaces and communities.
    Co-Chairs: Dr. Janice John, Anise Diaz

  • Employee Education & Development

    Mission: Identify knowledge gaps, investigate and implement professional development programming to provide training for all faculty & staff.
    Co-Chairs: Carole Bates, Sasha Alcon

  • Institutional Culture

    Mission: We are committed to the individual and institutional exploration and examination of implicit bias and systemic advantage/oppression such that our anti-racism commitment be reflected in the life and culture of The School of Medicine through our policies, programs, and practices as we continue to learn about racism and ethnic oppression. We aim to address the systemic issues, including but not limited to; racism in hiring & promotion, institutional culture, bridging relationships between our partner institutions, engaging national & regional organizations and developing a system for ongoing assessment and review of institutional performance.
    Co-Chairs: Dr. Catherine Bangeranye, Vivian Emengo

  • Immediate Concerns

    Mission: We are dedicated to enabling the progression of substantial change and impactful action within the ZSOM community on an ad hoc basis. We aim to accomplish pertinent anti-racism objectives as they arise and to identify the potential needs of ongoing initiatives as they progress. 
    Co-Chairs: Jodi Langsfeld, Janay Parrish

    Ad-hoc subcommittee

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