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First 100 Weeks (Years 1 & 2)

During the First 100 Weeks, assessment mirrors the active learning that occurs in class sessions and is aligned with each of the three curricular components—Mechanisms of Health, Disease and Intervention, Structure, and Patient, Physician and Society.

Grading in the First 100 Weeks is entirely pass/fail. In addition, students receive narrative feedback comments on their performance that are used to guide improvement.

Students have multiple opportunities for formative* and summative** assessment throughout each course in the First 100 Weeks.  Assessments are aligned with each curricular component.

At the end of every course, students participate in a week entitled "Reflection, Integration, and Assessment", during which both formative and summative assessments take place.

*The goal of formative assessment is to provide feedback to students to improve their learning. Formative assessments are low stakes and are not graded.

**The goal of summative assessment is to evaluate students’ abilities at the end of a period of learning. Summative assessments are high stakes and are graded.

For more information on grading, please review the Grading Policies.