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COVID-19 Updates

The Zucker School of Medicine continues working closely with Hofstra University and Northwell Health to develop and refine protocols in compliance with federal, state, and local public health guidelines and preserve the best of the Zucker School of Medicine experience while minimizing COVID-19 risk to our entire community. We remain committed to maintaining a learning environment that supports our students emotionally and intellectually and that aligns with the Zucker School of Medicine principles. This website will continue to be a critical source of information and will be updated regularly as the circumstances surrounding Covid-19 continue to evolve.

ZSOM COVID-19 Guidelines

The purpose of these guidelines is to define operational expectations of all faculty members, staff members, students, and visitors of the Zucker School of Medicine (ZSOM) while inside the ZSOM facility. Every person who is a member of the ZSOM community is expected to follow and enforce these guidelines. Violations may be reported to a supervisor, the Office of the Dean, the Office of Student Affairs, or via this anonymous link.

Practices will be maintained including:

  1. Every person must adhere to vaccination guidelines as set forth by Hofstra University. Beginning September 6, 2022, visitors are no longer required to provide proof of vaccination.
  2. Beginning Thursday, June 16, 2022, mask-wearing will be optional in all indoor spaces inside the ZSOM building. While masks will be optional in most settings at ZSOM, masks will continue to be required in specific settings including: 

    •    Physical Diagnosis (PD) and Ultrasound sessions
    •    When practicing clinical skills in the ZSOM Clinical Skills Rooms
    •    While in the presence of Standardized Patients (SPs)
    •    Upon return from isolation during days 6 through 10 after COVID-19 infection
    *Masks are required outside the ZSOM building for all patient care settings and all activities at CLI. 

    Surgical and KN95 masks are available at the front desk. 

  3. Per our visitor* guidelines, faculty and employees of Hofstra University or Northwell Health who are participating in regular curricular activities at the ZSOM are not considered to be visitors. A Northwell Health ID or Hofstra University ID should be worn in a visible place (i.e., on a neck lanyard, clipped to shirt) while in the building.

  4. Every person is expected to practice good hand hygiene by washing hands frequently with soap and water or using an alcohol-based sanitizing solution.


Visitor Guidelines: 

Faculty members and staff members who would like to host a visitor are expected to share the ZSOM visitor protocols prior to the visitor’s arrival on campus and notify with the name, date/time of arrival, room visiting and organization/institution they are representing. 

*Who is a Visitor?

  • Members of Hofstra University or Northwell Health (e.g., administrators, staff, etc.) who are NOT participating in regular curricular activities at the ZSOM   
  • Outside visitors of the ZSOM who are not employed by Hofstra University or Northwell health (e.g., vendors, members of the media, parents of students, etc.)

* ZSOM students, staff, and core faculty are not visitors. Faculty and employees of Hofstra University or Northwell Health who are participating in regular curricular activities at the ZSOM are not considered to be visitors.

Visitor Protocols:

  • Upon arrival, all visitors must enter through one of the main lobby entrances and check in at the front desk. Outside visitors are required to sign in upon arrival.  
  • All visitors must comply with all ZSOM COVID-19 guidelines and procedures while in the ZSOM facility, practice good hand hygiene, and comply with maximum occupancy rules.

Booster Guidelines:

While a primary COVID-19 vaccine series is still required for all students, faculty, and staff, the following changes to policy are effective as of July 11, 2022. 

Booster shots will no longer be required in light of evidence suggesting that they are less effective against the currently circulating virus variants than against previously circulating strains. However, since public health authorities advise that boosters still exhibit protection for most people from severe illness and hospitalization, we continue to strongly recommend that everyone be boosted. Boosters are widely available and continue to be offered to students through Student Health Services by visiting or calling 463-6745.  This change in policy may not apply to students or faculty who are in programs with clinical or internship components. If this applies to you, it is your responsibility to check with these programs.

ZSoM Masking Implementation Guidelines

COVID-19 Exposure/Illness Guidelines for ZSOM Students, Faculty and Staff

Last Updated: 08/31/2022

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