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Humanities in Medicine Scholarly Concentration

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The Humanities in Medicine (HIM) Scholarly Concentration allows Zucker School of Medicine (ZSOM) students to undertake rigorous independent scholarship in cross-disciplinary fields of interest by studying biomedically relevant topics through the lens of the arts and humanities. Participating students benefit from the faculty-mentor relationship and may have the opportunity to publish their work and/or design and implement a program of their design that integrates medicine and the humanities. Students who successfully fulfill the program requirements earn a certificate and a designation in the graduation program.

  • Goals
    • Support the study of the human aspects of medicine through the traditional arts, history, philosophy, sociology, and literature, so that students will become more insightful and compassionate doctors.
    • Create a forum that will foster student exploration of the connection between the practice of medicine and humanism through the lens of the humanities.
    • Contribute to the development of students’ professional identity formation and enhance their capacity to listen, interpret, and communicate, while fostering an appreciation for the ethical dimensions of practice.
  • Program Structure

    MS1 Year: Apply to and begin the HIM Scholarly Concentration no later than the start of the spring semester of the MS1 Year, Enroll in the ZSOM’s Healer’s Art course prior to the start of the MS1 spring semester (Healer’s Art course runs January/February of spring semester), Attend at least one HIM program during the MS1 spring semester.

    Summer Experience: Engage with HIM1 through: (1)Participating in the Tell Me More® summer research project and/or (2)Engaging in mentored research on humanities topics, Attend required reflection sessions.

    MS2 and MS3 Years: Attend at least three (3) HIM programs during each MS2 and MS3 year, Participate in the Meaning in Medicine program in the MS3 year, Submit an original work to Narrateur in either MS3 or MS4 year, and consider joining the editorial staff in any or all years at the ZSOM.

    MS4 Year: Complete a minimum of two (2) elective blocks as follows: (1)The Narrative Perspective and Reflective Writing: An Elective in Medical Humanities and (2)Tell Me More® (if not completed during summer); or, if Tell Me More® was completed during summer after MS1, complete a student-designed nonclinical Preceptorship in Medical Humanities or Medical Humanities research elective block, Attend at least two (2) HIM programs at the ZSOM during MS4 year, Complete a CAPSTONE PROJECT, through one of the following: (1)Develop/design a program that will become an offering of the ZSOM’s Humanities in Medicine program. (2)Complete and present research on an HIM topic during MS4 year3

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  • Contact Information

    Scholarly Concentration Humanities in Medicine Co-Directors:

        • Alice Fornari, EdD, RD

          Alice Fornari, EdD, RD
          Associate Dean for Educational Skills Development, Professor of Science Education, Occupational Medicine, Epidemiology and Prevention, and Family Medicine

          Vice President, Faculty Development, Northwell Health
          Email | Bio

        • Lisa Martin, JD

          Lisa B. Martin, JD
          Director, Humanities in Medicine/Contracts and Communications Specialist
          Email | Bio

    For questions about scholarly concentrations in general, please contact Tiffany Jordan, Assistant Director of Dual Degree Programs and Grant Management.