MD/MBA Program


The MD/MBA joint degree program at the Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell is designed for students who are interested in acquiring core business competencies and leadership and decision analysis skills, as well as a strategic perspective of business problems as they relate to the health care environment. The educational mission of the program is to graduate physicians with an enhanced understanding of leadership and management skills, while preparing them as potential health care leaders.

Eligibility and Cost

The MD/MBA program is open to all students enrolled in the Zucker School of Medicine, inclusive of the 4+4 BS-BA/MD program. The suggested timing to enter the MD/MBA program is after completion of year 3 of the MD program. The goal is for students in the MD/MBA program to attain both degrees within a five-year timeframe. Accepted MD/MBA students will take a leave of absence from the MD program to complete the majority of their MBA course work in one year.

Tuition and graduate fees for the MBA portion will be evaluated each year and are subject to change. This is in addition to the cost of attendance for the Zucker School of Medicine MD program.