MD/MBA Curriculum

MD/MBA students are required to complete 41 credits of business, accounting, and health care strategic management courses, including a 3-credit culminating capstone course. Most MD/MBA students will use elective time (up to a maximum of two electives) during their fourth year of medical school to complete any outstanding course work. Some courses may be waived if students have applicable previous course work.

HADM electives include: U.S. Health System, Health Policy and Analysis, Health Care Economics, and Health Care Finance
* These courses can be waived if a class at a comparable level has been taken within the past five years.
** One of these courses will be taken during Summer I, while the remaining two courses will be completed during Fall I.


  • ACCT 203* Accounting and Financial Reporting
  • ECO 200* Survey of Economics
  • MGT 200* Business Ethics and Society,  MKT 203 Marketing Analysis and Management,  or IT 203 Information Systems for Managers
  • MGT 200, MKT 203, or IT 203**
  • BAN 203 Advanced Quantitative Analysis for Managers
  • MGT 207 Organizational Behavior and Leadership Skills for Strategic Advantage


  • HADM Elective

Spring I

  • FIN 203 Managerial Finance
  • HADM Elective
  • IB 207 Global Business Decision Making
  • MBA 350 Integrative Strategic Decision Making
  • HADM Elective
  • HADM Elective