Clinical Opportunities

Clinical Opportunities during the PhD Portion

During the PhD portion of the curriculum, there are many opportunities for students to continue to practice and refine their clinical skills. In partnering with Northwell Health, we have many options available and can usually tailor an arrangement with regard to the interest/need of the student.

Longitudinal Emergency Department

This opportunity allows students to spend 16 hours a month in the emergency department in various hospitals within the Northwell system. Students will have the chance to practice taking medical histories and physical examinations and will receive progressive responsibilities inclusive of direct patient care, documentation, and following through on other services. Students can also attend practical resident sessions, participate in simulations and learn more about the translational research taking place within the health system.

Clinical Preceptorships

Students are always welcome to continue connections with preceptors they worked with during ICE sessions. Students are also able to experience clinical preceptorships with individuals they have not previously worked with who work in a specialty a student may have an interest in.