FOW Course


Continuity and Change: Homeostasis is a course organized around the interrelationships between the cardiac, pulmonary and renal systems from the cellular to the organismal level.

While each system is examined independently, the interaction among the three for the maintenance of homeostasis is an overarching concept.  The relationship of structure to function is one lens through which this is examined.  Structure lab approaches cardiac, pulmonary and renal anatomy and dissection in the context of pathologic processes such as hypertension, thrombosis, ischemia, and smoking.  Since vasculature is an important common ground for the function of each individual system in relationship to many others, vascular biology is an additional focal point in this course.  The molecular and cellular mechanisms supporting hemostasis and thrombosis are examined, as are their pathological consequences. Because the curricular content parallels the medicine practice so well, the integration between scientific and clinical learning is a true highlight of this course. Students continue their clinical experiences with their medicine and ob-gyn ICE preceptors.