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PEARLS The foundation of our curriculum during the first two years is a hybrid case/problem-based learning program called PEARLS, an acronym for Patient-centered Explorations in Active Reasoning, Learning, and Synthesis.

The PEARLS component values learning as an explorative and reflective experience. A goal of the PEARLS program is for students to work in small groups and utilize patient cases to learn the fundamental basic sciences and develop critical thinking skills. Students participate in PEARLS three times a week, throughout their first two years. During this time, collaborative, student-driven discussion aims to explore and elevate the understanding of learning objectives embedded within patient cases. Students research and discuss these learning objectives in PEARLS sessions as well as in complementary sessions throughout the week in the form of large group, small group and laboratory sessions. To prepare for PEARLS sessions, students are provided ample self-directed learning time to consolidate information. PEARLS is a student-centered learning process that also fosters the development of teamwork, leadership, life-long learning, and reflection.

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PEARLS session with Students