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So much more than just an anatomy lab…

The Structure Lab integrates all the disciplines of anatomy under one roof. Students learn normal gross anatomy, histology, and embryology alongside pathology, medical imaging, ultrasound, and physical diagnosis. Our lab combines the best of traditional methods with the latest in digital imaging.

During each Structure session, students rotate in small groups through a series of stations designed to apply their understanding of biomedical science to clinical problems. Using Socratic questioning, faculty facilitators help students establish connections between normal and pathologic structure and function. Resources in our lab include prosections, task trainers, digital images, and gross pathology specimens.

During Structure sessions, students also gain valuable experience with ultrasonography, developing skills of image acquisition and interpretation. Anatomical dissection is the focus of Problem-Based Structure, an activity in which students explore clinical cases through a focused dissection culminating in a presentation to their peers.

Active Learning in Structure Lab
Structure Lab

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