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MD Program:Years 3 & 4

Academic Success


ACE includes six weeks of selectives. Two of the weeks are embedded in the Medicine clerkship and must be taken in a subspecialty of Internal Medicine. For the other four weeks of selective (two in each of the remaining trimesters), the third year students select from a variety of specialty and subspecialty experiences offered only at the Zucker School of Medicine (unlike fourth year students who are permitted to pursue elective experiences at institutions other than the Zucker School of Medicine).

Clinical Preceptorship

Clinical preceptorships are offered to students if they are interested in a nontraditional selective or would like to work with a specific mentor/attending. Students are responsible for finding their own preceptor. The student and mentor build a unique experience/curriculum for a two-week time period. Clinical Preceptorships must be approved by the Preceptorship Proposal Committee. If approved, this counts towards the student’s selective time.

Curriculum Cards