Faculty Affairs Mission

Mission of Faculty Affairs

The mission of the Office of Faculty Affairs is to facilitate the appointment, promotion, and retention of a diverse and esteemed faculty. We are committed to providing advice and an institutional catalog of resources available in order to support our faculty in achieving their career goals and developing professionally.

We achieve our mission by:

  1. Facilitating the appointment and advancement of qualified, talented, and diverse faculty and departmental leaders.
  2. Supporting the work of the Faculty Appointments and Promotions Committee and maintaining the faculty appointment and promotions guidelines.
  3. Working closely with the Zucker School of Medicine Faculty Council.
  4. Communicating regularly with our faculty through an e-newsletter called “Faculty Matters.”
  5. Holding an annual faculty meeting to provide the faculty with information about the school and developments made over the past year.
  6. Facilitating the Annual Faculty Professional Activity Report (AFPAR) which enables faculty to catalog their activities and provides the chairman with an opportunity to discuss performance and career goals with their faculty.
  7. Aiding in the development of a mentorship program for departments.
  8. Aiding in the development of a promotions sub-committee in each department.
  9. Partnering with the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, the Chief Diversity Office of Northwell Health, and the GME Physician Diversity Council.
  10. Responding in a timely fashion to all inquiries and providing written documentation of appointment, promotion, and personnel change notifications upon request.