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2021-2022 Calendar of Events

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The Art of Observation

How the Study of Art Can Improve a Physician's Diagnostic Skills

An interactive exercise and discussion with Nancy Richner and Dr. David Elkowitz
Date:  Wednesday, October 20, 2021, 6-7pm via ZOOM
Join us to explore how the study of artwork can help us to enhance visual observation during the physical examination of patients.  Learning to look carefully at works of art can train physicians in developing sharper clinical observation skills and thus improve their visual literacy, leading to better medical evaluations and diagnoses.  All are welcome to attend this virtual program. Advance registration required.

Cultural Humility:   Grief and Loss Across Cultures

Learn through Music, Art & Theater
Date:  November 29, 2021,  6pm via ZOOM
Opening with a presentation featuring multicultural art and music, we will explore, through dramatic presentations, how grief is expressed within different cultures so that we can learn to support patients and their families in their time of greatest need.  Panel Discussion and Q&A will follow the presentation.  Join ZSOM Students, the Osler Society Medicine in Theater Group, Northwell Health's Center for Equity of Care, Team Lavender and Chaplaincy for this special presentation.  More Information        

Living with Down Syndrome

Come Dance with Us!
Date: Postponed - TBD

Live Performance by Dance Troup made up of individuals with Down Syndrome, followed by an interactive group dance class led by Zucker School of Medicine students.  All are welcome to participate and or observe.  Dance program to be followed by panel discussion and Q&A featuring individuals with Down Syndrome and their families.  More Information soon.


The Manic Monologues

A Medicine in Theater Production
Date:  February 9, 2022,  6-7:30pm
Zucker School of Medicine, W134
or, participate via ZOOM
Join the Osler Society Medicine in Theater Group for a dramatic performance of this play which brings to life true stories – experiences submitted by resilient people across the world living with mental health challenges. They have things to say about struggle and pain, and also triumph and joy.  Co-sponsored by Northwell Health's Center for Equity of Care and Department of Psychology. More Information

Art & Medicine Collide, A Two Part Series

Part I: A Night at the Museum
Date:  Wednesday, February 23, 2022,  6-7:30pm
Emily Lowe Gallery, Hofstra University
Zucker School of Medicine students are invited to a basic anatomy drawing lesson led by James Lee, MFA and Robert Hill, PhD, in the midst of the Drawing Matters exhibition at the Hofstra University Museum.   No art experience or artistic talent required. More Information

Part II: A Night at the Medical School

Date:  Wednesday, April 6, 2022,  6-7:30pm
Rooms W104-106, ZSOM
Zucker School of Medicine students and Hofstra University students are invited to participate in a collaborative art project, drawing from observation of anatomical artifacts and models and skeletal remains, led by James Lee, MFA and Robert Hill, PhD. No art experience or artistic talent required. More Information 

It's Not About the Damn Food

A dramatic presentation on the topic of Eating Disorders
Date:  March 9, 2021.  6-7:30pm
Zucker School of Medicine, W134
or, participate via ZOOM
Join us as Actress Anna Snapp performs her one woman show, a verbatim theater piece about eating disorders.  Through her portrayal of individuals she interviewed, Anna will share stories from a diverse group of individuals who suffer from a variety of eating disorders.  Q&A following the performance with Anna Snapp and Dr. Victor Fornari.  More Information 


8th Annual Celebration of Visual Art Exhibit

Reception, Tues, March 29, 2022 6-7:30pm
Exhibit March 29, 2022-April 15, 2022
Zucker School of Medicine, Lobby & Atrium
Join us to view and celebrate the artwork of students, faculty and staff of the Zucker School of Medicine, Northwell Health and Hofstra University. 
For more information, contact


Still Standing

A musical theater program on disability and resilience. 
Date:  April 13, 2022, 6-7:30pm
Zucker School of Medicine, W134
or, participate via ZOOM
Anita Hollander lost her leg in 1977 to cancer, and has gone on to have a successful career in New York, regional and international theatre. Part of this career has been creating and performing her moving one-woman show, Still Standing which tells her story from the diagnosis of her cancer to the very moment of performance. Her leg will not grow back, but her mind and spirit and soul have grown to more than compensate. More Information

Healer's Art

A self-discovery Program
January/February, 2022:  Jan 10, 24, 31;  Feb 7, 28, 5:30-8:30p.m.

This Certificate Course, open to first-year medical students, offers a safe learning environment for a personal, in-depth exploration of the time-honored values of service, healing relationship, reverence for life and compassionate care. This course, designed by Rachel Naomi Remen, MD, is taught in over 90 medical schools around the world. More Information


Narrateur, Reflections on Caring, 11th Edition

The Zucker School of Medicine's art & literary journal

Please submit your written work, artwork and/or photography for publication in our 11th edition of our art & literary journal. Open to all students, faculty and staff of the Zucker School of Medicine, Hofstra University and Northwell Health. More Information.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  In-person attendance at any of the above programs is subject to health and safety policies and restrictions in place at the time of the programs.  If in-person attendance is not permitted by the University, we will endeavor to offer these programs virtually, where practicable.


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