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Library Guidelines

Borrowing Services and Lending

Our borrowing policy supports access to our collection by encouraging users to return materials on time. Fines and billing charges are assessed when patrons fail to return borrowed materials by due date.

Books and Multimedia
The loan period for medical students, faculty, administrators, and staff for circulating materials is 24 hours. We also allow check out over the weekends and holidays. An overdue email would be sent if not returned by the due date. After a 48-hour grace period an overdue fee of $1.00/day will be charged. Borrowers are financially responsible for any lost or damaged items checked out under their name. The fee will be equal to the replacement value of the item.

AV Equipment
Digital AV adapters, HDMI cables, and a video camera are available for checkout. All items must be returned on time to avoid late fees. When checking out the video camera, borrowers will be required to sign a Health Sciences Library Equipment Lending Agreement Form. For laptops, students and faculty may contact the Office of Curriculum Support and Assessment for requests regarding laptop lending and presentation tools.

iPad Lending Program
The iPad Lending Program allows students and faculty to checkout iPads, when available for use, to support self-directed learning and any learning session. The devices can be checked out and returned at the Health Sciences Library Circulation Desk during staffed hours of 8AM–7PM. iPads should never be placed in the book return box. Borrowers will be required to sign a Health Sciences Library Equipment Lending Agreement Form prior to check-out. The lending period for an iPad is 1 week (including weekends). One renewal will be permitted. A late fee of $10/day will be charged if the item is not returned by the due date. Only one iPad can be checked out per person. Any personal downloaded apps or documents will be erased from the iPad when returned.

All components, including the carrying case, power adapter, and USB cable must be returned at the same time. You are solely responsible and if lost, damaged, or more than 24 hours overdue, a replacement fee will be charged. If the equipment is returned in good condition, the fee will be reduced to a billing fee. There are no exceptions.

Ready Reference Collection at the Library

The Ready Reference Collection contains multiple copies of some of the most highly used textbooks at the Zucker School of Medicine.  The books in the Ready Reference Collection are located on the open bookcases behind the computers and are available at any time. The books are marked with easily identifiable yellow REF stickers in addition to the regular call numbers.

We request that you use these copies of the textbooks only within the Zucker School of Medicine building.  When you are finished using the books, please return them to the open bookcases so that your fellow students will also have immediate access to them.  Books left unattended anywhere in the building will be returned to the library by our staff on a periodic basis, however, your cooperation in returning these books promptly will be most appreciated.

Computer Workstations

The Health Sciences Library provides students and faculty access to computer workstations to support research and access to library e-resources. The library has 4 Macs and 4 PC workstations available for use. The workstations can be used for the purpose of educational productivity and research. Students are encouraged to save their documents to removable media (i.e. flash drive, CD) or their personal drives as the workstations are reconfigured at the end of the year. The library is not responsible for unsaved documents.

Installation or removal of unauthorized software is prohibited. Requests for the installation of software must be requested in advance and reviewed by library staff for approval.

Students can print to the two network printers located in the Library from the workstations. Our medical students are provided $120 in printing credits for the year. Color printouts are charged $0.50 each, and black & white printouts are charged $0.05 each. Scanning documents to email is free of charge.

Eating or drinking near the workstations is not allowed. Please use headphones when accessing library resources that play audio.

Cell Phone Use

The use of cell phones in the library is discouraged as users expect the library to create an environment conducive to reading, study, research, consultation, and quiet collaboration. When entering the library please set cell phones and other electronic devices to silent or vibrate mode.  Users engaging in disruptive cell phone conversations in public will be asked by library staff to go outside the library.

Access to the Library Facility

The Library on the 2nd floor of the Zucker School of Medicine Building is open 24 hours, seven days/week for medical school students, faculty, and authorized visitors to the School.  The Library is currently staffed from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Monday - Friday.  The Zucker School of Medicine library is not open to the public and is not open to undergraduate students of Hofstra University, except by special permission.

Access to the Electronic Library

The public and other Hofstra students and staff may view our web site at  However, only authorized users affiliated with the Zucker School of Medicine or the Graduate Nursing Program may access the full text of the electronic resources and submit interlibrary loan requests.  Authorized users may either sign on to the portal first or will be asked to sign on when attempting to access a full text resource.

Study Rooms and Spaces

The library has 5 individual study rooms and 2 group study rooms for quiet study.  Study rooms are available on a first come, first served basis. Personal items left unattended in rooms for more than 3 hours will be removed and kept at the front desk.  Please cooperate with your fellow students in sharing these study rooms respectfully.

Collaborative study and consultation may take place at the study tables or at the counter at the front of the library.  Please keep the volume of voices as low as possible so as not to disturb others studying.  Closed group study rooms are available throughout the building.  Carrels at the back of the library are meant for quiet individual study. 

Food and Drinks

The Library allows the consumption of non-greasy and non-aromatic food and covered beverages, except at the public access computers.  It is expected that all trash will be disposed of and that the library will be left in a neat and orderly condition. Please report any spills to the library staff.

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