Traffic and Parking Regulation Guidelines

The Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell (ZSOM) provides parking for faculty, students, and staff in conveniently located areas. These spaces are provided on a first come, first served basis and availability of parking spaces is not guaranteed in the ZSOM designated parking lots.  

To ensure the orderly flow of traffic and maximize parking spaces, it is necessary to have and enforce regulations related to the operation and parking of vehicles while on campus.

The rules and regulations established here provide reasonable accommodations for all concerned. Everyone driving on campus is expected to comply with these regulations. The instructions indicated on all traffic control and parking signs must be observed.

ZSOM faculty, students, and staff who regularly park a motor vehicle on ZSOM/Hofstra University grounds are required to register and obtain a parking permit for their vehicle. Visitors of the ZSOM will need to provide proper identification, sign in, and confirm arrival with front desk reception staff.

All Hofstra parking permits are issued by the Department of Public Safety. Students, faculty, and staff can register their vehicle using the “Parking Permit” application found in the “My Apps” menu on the Hofstra Portal ( This is a one-time process unless the vehicle or license plate changes in which case a new registration must be submitted. For detailed information regarding the process of obtaining a parking permit, please visit the Hofstra University Public Safety website. Anyone requiring Person First  parking privileges must first apply through the University Student Health Services. If approved, a special parking permit can be obtained at the Department of Public Safety.

Admittance into the ZSOM parking lot requires valid Hofstra identification for all ZSOM faculty, students, and staff. Visitors are required to show proper identification, sign in, and confirm arrival with front desk reception staff. If entry into the ZSOM parking lot is required during the hours of 5:30AM and 11:30PM, Monday through Friday, please press the button on the intercom at the parking lot gate and front desk reception staff  respond. Please note that there are also two emergency call boxes located in the ZSOM parking lots: one in the north parking lot on the west side where the University Club and ZSOM parking lots meet, and one in the southeast area of the south parking lot, near Hempstead Turnpike. These call boxes dial directly to the Department of Public Safety office and are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.   

In the ZSOM parking lot and surrounding campus parking lots, all faculty, students, and staff may park only in areas designated for parking and only between lines that outline the parking space. The following parking practices are prohibited:

  • Double parking
  • Parking along the perimeter of the parking lot where spaces do not exist
  • Parking (without proper permit) in the designated Category III parking area located near the main entrance
  • Parking in areas designated restricted or reserved
  • Parking in areas that are permanently or temporarily designated for visitors
  • Inappropriately parking in areas designated as hybrid or carpool    

These rules apply whenever a vehicle is on campus for any reason. Motorcycles and mopeds must park on the North Campus in spaces designated for such vehicles.
On occasion, parking spots may be reserved for visitors. Safety cones will be placed in these parking spots. Removal of these cones by unauthorized faculty, students, staff or visitors is in violation of these guidelines.

Valet parking may be made available for events. Cars may be parked either in the ZSOM lot or in a separate location. During these times, faculty, students, and staff are encouraged to park in the lot directly across from the soccer field to minimize parking lot overflow.

Faculty and staff should notify Public Safety if overnight parking is needed. Please call 516-463-6606 or notify Public Safety Officers within the ZSOM. Students intending on leaving vehicles parked for extended periods of time should notify the ZSOM Office of Student Affairs. For longer-term parking, vehicles should be parked in spaces around the perimeter of the ZSOM parking lot, especially during the winter months to allow for snow removal. Parking at the University Club is restricted to time periods when faculty, students, and staff are scheduled to be at the University Club for a meeting, lunch, or event. Parking in the University Club parking lot is not permitted under any other circumstance.

If the ZSOM lot is filled, additional parking is available in the parking lot directly across from the soccer field. All campus parking lots can be viewed using the Downloadable Parking Map.
The maximum speed permitted on campus is 15 miles per hour. When driving in any of the campus parking lots, the recommended speed limit is 5 miles per hour. Speed should be monitored and adjusted accordingly.

Please note if the parking regulations outlined above are not observed, a fine will be assessed. Certain violations may warrant the towing of vehicles. If a vehicle is towed, the owner must report to the Office of Public safety and pay a fine prior to the release of the vehicle. All faculty, students, and staff will be accountable for all costs and associated fees if they are found to be in violation. For a listing of fines/fees, please visit the Hofstra University Public Safety website.