Policy on Medical Education Research

The Zucker School of Medicine strongly encourages collaborative medical education research that drives continuous program improvement and supports the professional development of teaching faculty and students.

At the same time, we must ensure that the proposed research activity:

(1) does not impede or interfere with the Zucker School of Medicine curriculum,
(2) does not impede or interfere with ongoing research
(3) does not place an undue burden on students, faculty and/or staff, and
(4) does not conflict with the mission and values of the School, the guiding principles of the curriculum, or the policies and procedures of the Zucker School of Medicine. All new proposals must be reviewed and approved by the Curriculum Research Screening Committee (CRSC).

Medical education research includes:

(1) studies conducted by Zucker School of Medicine students, faculty, or staff focusing on the design, implementation, and/or outcomes of the curriculum,
(2) studies conducted by outside parties unaffiliated with the Zucker School of Medicine that intend to use Zucker School of Medicine students or faculty as research subjects, and
(3) scholarship that result from educational program evaluation and/or assessment of learning.

Research proposals originating from the Zucker School of Medicine must be submitted online to the CRSC prior to seeking IRB approval*, (if results will be published IRB approval must be obtained following approval from the CRSC) and must include the following information:

    1. An abstract of the research of 150 words or less
    2. Names and roles of research participants (and faculty mentor if applicable)**
    3. Specific aims and/or research question(s)
    4. Research design and methods
      1. Participants, recruitment, research setting, experimental or intervention methods, and incentives
      2. Copy of any survey/instrument/protocols to be used
    5. If medical students or faculty are going to be used as research subjects, a proposed timeline for data collection and length of time required per person to participate.
    6. Statement of support and concurrence from the faculty director of the course(s), curricular component(s), and/or clerkship(s) upon which the research activity is based. (This is required whether the research is internally or externally initiated.)
    7. A copy of the Informed Consent Form to be used.

If you have any questions regarding the submittal requirements or process, please contact mededresearch@hofstra.edu.
*Projects from external institutions must have IRB approval. Copies of the approved IRB must be submitted with the application.
**All medical education research initiated by students must have a faculty mentor.