Policy on Deferment Requests

An accepted applicant may apply for a one-year deferment of matriculation. The request for deferred admission must be made in writing to the associate dean for admissions by the applicant on or before May 1 of the applicant’s matriculation year. The associate dean for admissions will review all requests for deferment.

A request for deferment must state the reason for the request as well as the applicant’s proposed plans for the duration of the deferment. If deferred admission is granted, the deferment must be used for the reasons stated. Deferments typically considered are those that permit applicants to participate in academic opportunities that will significantly enhance their medical education and training, or those that pertain to military duty. If the request for deferment is medically related, it must include documentation by the applicant’s physician of the nature of the illness and the projected date for recovery and subsequent matriculation. Prior to matriculation, the applicant must provide a “fitness for matriculation” letter from their physician.

An applicant with deferred admission must send the associate dean for admissions a written letter on or before January 31 of the following year reaffirming their intent to matriculate in August of that same year. All conditions included in the applicant’s original acceptance letter must be met, and all personal information previously provided to the School of Medicine by the applicant must remain true. Additionally, the applicant must consent to another background check. If written communication is not received on or before January 31 reaffirming his/her intent to matriculate, acceptance may be rescinded.

References to Regulations and/or Related Policies:
LCME Element 10.3: Policies Regarding Student Selection/Progress and Their Dissemination


Last Updated: September 2021