Policy on

Rescinding an Offer of Admission

It is Zucker School of Medicine's expectation that all admitted students abide by the disciplinary, professionalism and technical standards of the school. By accepting admission, students agree to abide by the policies and standards set forth on the school's website and in the Student Handbook.

The Zucker School of Medicine may rescind an offer of admission for, but not limited to, the following reasons:

  1. An admitted student is found to have presented incorrect or misleading information during the application process;
  2. An admitted student fails to abide by the AAMC Application and Acceptance Protocols (known as "Traffic Rules");
  3. An admitted student fails to meet the Zucker School of Medicine's Admission Terms and Conditions;
  4. An admitted student fails to meet the disciplinary, professionalism, or technical standards outlined on the School's website and Student Handbook.

Once a student has matriculated into the first course of the curriculum, CPR, all policies and procedures for matriculated students are followed. These policies and procedures can be found on the School of Medicine's website and in the Student Handbook. A matriculated student who is later found to have met any of the criteria detailed in 1-3 above will not be considered as having legitimately matriculated.

The decision to rescind an offer of admission is made jointly by the vice dean, associate dean for admissions, and associate dean for student affairs, and the Office of Admissions will notify the student of that decision. The MD/PhD and PhD program director or MD/OMS program director will be included in the decision-making process when appropriate. An appeal of a rescinded offer of admission, if any, is heard by the dean, whose decision in all such matters is final.

References to Regulations and/or Related Policies:
AAMC Application and Acceptance Protocols
LCME Element 10.3: Policies Regarding Student Selection/Progress and Their Dissemination
Policy on Essential Capacities for Matriculation, Advancement, and Graduation
Statement of Professionalism
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