Policy on Alternative Clinical Site Assignment

The School of Medicine assumes responsibility for managing students' selection of and assignment to clinical sites. The Office of Curriculum Support fulfills this responsibility.

Students may request an alternative clinical site assignment by submitting an alternative clinical site request form prior to the start of the clinical experience. Requests for alternative clinical site assignment are vetted by the clinical site review committee and will be considered if the request is based upon 1) mistreatment, 2) a conflict of interest, or 3) other exceptional circumstances.

If the committee determines that the criteria above are met and circumstances allow for re-assignment, the Office of Curriculum Support will change the student's assignment to an alternative clinical site. In instances where only one site is used for a particular experience, the student will be assigned to a new preceptor or team. If the committee determines that the criteria above are not met, the Office of Curriculum Support will encourage the student to seek out another student with whom to swap the clinical site assignment. This swap must be mutually agreeable and include the clinical site and any educational components tied to that site (e.g. schedule, preceptor assignment, etc.). If no peer is willing to swap assignments, the assignment will remain unchanged.

References to Regulations and/or Other Related Policies:
LCME Element 10.9: Student Assignment