Policy on

Student Laptops

The Zucker School of Medicine Follows a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy, where every student must bring their own laptop computer to the program. Student laptops are required for access to electronic resources, online examinations, course materials, academic software, and therefore must be in good working order. There are a limited number of backup laptops that are available in the event of a major computer malfunction during examinations; availability of laptops is not guaranteed. A student who reports to an examination without a laptop may not be able to take the examination. If a student reports to an examination without a functioning laptop more than once, the student will be directed to the Office of Student Affairs for additional support. The Offices of Student Affairs and Student Finance will work with the student to determine temporary and long-term solutions. Students with barriers to purchasing a laptop will not be penalized.

A student may choose his/her own laptop, as long as it meets the following minimum requirements: 


Laptop Requirements 2021-22   Laptop Requirements 2022-23


Educational discounts are available for medical students through Hofstra University and are listed on the myHofstra portal.

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Last Updated: February 2022