Policy on

Tuition Refunds

The student may be entitled to a tuition refund, depending on the date of withdrawal. Please refer to the tuition refund schedule below:

  • 100% tuition refund for withdrawal prior to the first week of classes
  • 100% tuition refund for withdrawal during the first week of classes
  • 75% tuition refund for withdrawal during the second week of classes
  • 50% tuition refund for withdrawal during the third week of classes
  • 25% tuition refund for withdrawal during the fourth week of classes
  • 0% tuition refund for withdrawal thereafter

A student who withdraws during any semester without the approval of the associate dean of student affairs is not entitled to a tuition refund. Please note that fees, such as university, technology and activity fees, as well as special course fees and private instruction fees are non-refundable once the semester begins.
Students who believe that circumstances warrant an exception from published policy may appeal to the director of student finance. Such exceptions are considered in cases of illness associated with medical conditions not present upon enrollment and/or death and/or involuntary call to military service.

Withdrawal Impact upon Federal Title IV Financial Aid

Students receiving Federal Title IV funds who, officially or unofficially, withdraw completely from the University will have their Federal Title IV awards and loans refunded to the federal programs based upon the number of days in attendance. Students who receive federal financial aid and do not complete at least 60% of the enrollment period for which they are charged are subject to the return of Title IV funds according to the federal Title IV calculation based on a percentage of the student's attendance. For any student who attends 60% or more of the semester, no Title IV funds will be refunded to the federal program and then will become the liability of the student.
Funds must be returned to Title IV programs in the following order:

  • Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan
  • Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loan
  • Other Title IV Aid Programs for which a return of funds is required

Students will still be liable for the cost of their Tuition and Fees based on the tuition refund schedule, regardless of the amount of Federal Title IV funds that must be refunded to the federal programs.



References to Regulations and/or Other Related Policies
Policy on Withdrawal from the School of Medicine
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Last Updated: February 2022