Graduation with

Distinction in Research

The purpose of the award of Graduation with Distinction in Research is to recognize medical students at the Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell who have made significant progress toward a career as a physician-scientist or clinician-educator through completion of substantive research with potential clinical, translational, basic science, or medical education impact.

Graduation with Distinction in Research

Research Requirements:

  1. The study must be based on research completed by the student after matriculation at the Zucker School of Medicine.
  2. The study should address a significant clinical, basic science, translational, or medical education topic.
  3. The study must test a stated hypothesis or medical education problem or innovation, and cannot be a literature review, general chart review, or case/series report. However, analysis of previously acquired data or chart information to test a clearly defined new hypothesis or educational question is acceptable.
  4. The design of the study and the results must be such that potential impact is evident. This does not preclude a study with negative results being considered if such results clearly illuminate the answer to a significant problem in a way that has a strong potential impact. However, studies that were not adequately designed or completed thereby precluding potential impact will not be considered.
  5. The individual student must have made a substantial contribution to all of the following: the formulation of the hypothesis or stated medical education problem or innovation, the design of the study, completion of the study (data acquisition and analysis), and preparation of a manuscript that has been submitted to a peer-reviewed journal, with the student as either primary author or co-author as per the medical school's authorship criteria.

*Please note – MD/PhD students are not eligible for this distinction.

Met all the requirements?  Next Steps:

  1. Prior to the submission deadlines of – first week of March (for April Presentations) and last week of June (for August Presentations); Fill out both sections of the application. – Criteria For Authorship
  2. PART A – Student Application, you fill out. 
  3. PART B – Mentor Application, is for your project mentor to fill out.
  4. To complete application process, please submit PART A & B application sections ALONG WITH
    1. Copy of the paper
    2. Proof of submission
    3. Most recent CV
  5. Once you submit PART A, you will receive a separate email to upload all required documents (ie, publication, C.V., and other support documents). Please respond only to that email.
  6. Application submission does not guarantee receipt of the award. The Advisory Committee for Student Research reviews all applications on a case by case basis, if it is decided your application has met the criteria to progress to the next steps, you will be invited to present in front of the Advisory Committee, Faculty, and Deans.  
  7. Decisions will be sent to students via email from the Advisory Committee.

*Please note: MS 3-4 Students - August Presentations:  Should you be granted the award/distinction, this accolade will appear on your Residency Dean's Letter.

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