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Measuring Your Well-Being

Measuring well-being on a regular basis is helpful to assess what works best for medical student individually. Individual well-being is different for everyone. By self-assessing often, students will be able to identify when well-being is lacking overall or in one dimension.

Below are options to self-assess your well-being throughout your time at the medical school, and beyond!

Well-Being Index for Medical Students

The Well-Being Index for Medical Students is a validated tool used across the nation by medical students, residents, fellows, physicians and members of healthcare teams. It allows the user to self-assess their well-being on a regular basis and displays connections to resources upon completion. The Well-Being Index also provides a mobile app to help make wellness a part of your routine.

To sign up, visit the Zucker School of Medicine page and use our code: 5403. Creating an account will allow you to track your progress and set reminders to assess your well-being (including text reminders). At the end of the well-being index, both internal and external resources will be available for your use. Your results are 100% anonymous and the index takes under 1-minute to complete.

AMA Steps Forward Program

The AMA Steps Forward Program is designed to provide medical students, residents and physicians with specific proven strategies to improve practice efficiency and achieve professional satisfaction. In the Professional Well-Being section, there are seven modules focused on addressing common challenges in everyday practice. Each module is based on examples that medical students might see in every day clinical settings. These are free for medical students after creating an account. CME credits are also available.