Academic Success


The Office of Academic Success strives to ensure all students at ZSOM are supported. We offer a wide range of tutoring options to help students develop the skills required to become successful, self-directed and lifelong learners.

Faculty as tutors

Students in the First 100 Weeks are encouraged to utilize full-time teaching faculty members in the Department of Science Education as faculty tutors. Please contact Malika Martin ( or Stacey Becker ( to schedule an appointment with a faculty member.

Students in the Second 100 Weeks are encouraged to reach out to Dr. Melissa Pawelczak ( and Dr. Gino Farina ( the assistant deans for the advanced clinical experience, clinical preparation for residency. They are available to address questions or concerns.  You are also encouraged to reach out to supervising faculty members, residents, and ACE directors with any questions and for feedback.

Drop-in peer tutoring

During the Spring term, the Office of Academic Success offers weekly drop-in peer tutoring open to all students preparing for Step 1 and Step 2 CK. There is no need to sign up; simply attend. Information about these sessions is shared every spring by emails from the Office of Academic Success and will be posted on Blackboard.

One on one peer tutoring

The Office of Academic Success also offers one on one peer tutoring for students who meet the following criteria: any student who has been identified as at risk for low performance in courses/clerkships or on the USMLE exams. OAS proactively reaches out to students who meet these criteria to offer a peer tutor at no cost.

If you would like to know more about our tutoring services, please reach out to or