Medical Education


Medical Education Research

As a medical school, our approach to educating our students has been guided by our mission, vision, and values. In seeking improvements to medical education, faculty in the Department of Science Education have developed a variety of curricular and pedagogical innovations that seek to put learning over teaching and translate knowledge into action. We approach these innovations in a scholarly fashion in an effort to assess their effectiveness, improve outcomes, and disseminate our successes to other medical educators. Please explore our medical education scholarship with the understanding that we welcome collaboration from colleagues both within and outside our institution. Students interested in medical education research are also encouraged to contact faculty with whom they might want to study.

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Clinical & Translational Research

Given the diverse backgrounds of the Department of Science Education (DSE) faculty, it is no surprise that we have a variety of translational and clinical research interests. From genomics to community health, our faculty members investigate the fundamental origins of disease to their societal consequences, reflecting our mission, vision, and values. Please explore our faculty and their research as listed below. We encourage students to consider the many opportunities available for participation in a wide range of research activities.

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