FOW Course

Biologic Imperative

The Biologic Imperative integrates the process of proliferation at its two fundamental levels, the cell and the organism.

Through a series of carefully crafted PEARLS cases and patient-based sessions, the course builds a story of how regulation of cellular proliferation controls both the growth of an individual and the ability of an individual to procreate.

The course highlights the importance of the process of proliferation in disease, with each week introducing examples of pathogenic states resulting from aberrations in the process. Among these pathogenic states, a particular focus is placed on the structural principles of neoplasia and metastatic potential, including the impact on patient suffering as a result of these processes. Students partake in dissection of the pelvis, progressing to an in depth study of both male and female reproductive structure as well as a series of developmental anatomy sessions focusing on embryogenesis.

Complementing the science, students further develop clinical examination, communication skills and ultrasound techniques related to the male GU and female pelvic examinations. Students are introduced to their ICE community preceptors and begin interacting with patients in Medicine and Ob/Gyn ambulatory practices.