FOW Course

Challenges, Privileges and Responsibilities


From the Person to the Professional: Challenges, Privileges and Responsibilities (CPR) provides the setting for students to begin the transformation from a student to a professional.

The CPR course is constructed upon the framework of the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) curriculum. The EMT curriculum has been expanded in the depth and breadth of its content to include advanced scientific and clinical concepts appropriate to its central role in the first course of medical school. Stemming from an EMT curriculum allows students to develop a usable clinical skill set from the earliest days, gain experience working with different health care professionals, and appreciate patients and their illnesses in the context of their communities and homes.

During this course, foundational systems-based physiology, structural sciences, and pharmacology are integrated with clinical skills, including communications, history-taking, physical examination, and the use of bedside ultrasound.

During CPR, students are introduced to anatomical donors, PEARLS and the various pedagogies used in the curriculum and develop insight into the importance of learning objectives, assessment, and reflection to build a strong foundation for the deliberate practice of medicine.