FOW Course

Fueling The Body

Fueling the Body (FTB) integrates how the body acquires essential nutrients, the structures that are involved in the processing of the nutrients for proper digestion and absorption, as well as the metabolic mechanisms that enable the cells to utilize these nutrients.

The course unfolds through a series of PEARLS cases that illustrate how cells in the body are fueled. The course highlights the micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) and macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids) as requirements for energy metabolism. Normal nutrition and extremes of nutrition (malnutrition and obesity) are explored through their impact on the individual patient and on population health in general.

Study of the normal physiology of these organ systems and their roles in digestion and absorption of nutrients is integrated with exploration of the mechanisms by which diseases disrupt gastrointestinal function. Structure laboratory experience includes the anatomy and dissection of the abdomen and its inter-related structures, accompanied by a more detailed clinical analysis of the abdomen through CT and bedside ultrasound medical imaging and the underlying pathologic processes represented. Biopsychosocial and clinical aspects of metabolic and gastrointestinal health and disease complement the students’ learning of normal and abnormal metabolism.

During ICE, students continue interacting with patients in Medicine and Ob/Gyn ambulatory practices and in addition have surgical ICE experiences