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Application Requirements

ame induction

Each candidate must submit:

    • CV
    • Reflective Statements (2)
    • Educator Portfolio

Candidates must be faculty members of the Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell for at least three years to apply.  If applying under the categories of Direct Teaching or Mentoring and Advising you must show five years of evidence of this work. Candidates must meet the criteria for excellence in at least one of the categories below. All candidates must demonstrate excellence in teaching in each selected category.

There are five categories under which an applicant can apply:

    1. Direct Teaching
    2. Curriculum Development
    3. Educational Leadership
    4. Mentoring and Advising
    5. Educational Scholarship

If you have questions, please email Whitney Steller

All criteria will be evaluated in the spirit of the Guiding Principles of the Zucker School of Medicine. 

Guiding Principles:

  • True to our mission, values, and drivers
  • Fully integrated, developmental, four-year science and clinical curriculum
  • Integration of health, disease (normal and abnormal), and intervention
  • An "adult learner" environment that values independent study and self-directed learning
  • Built upon experiential and active small group case-based learning
  • Conceptual knowledge in action, not memorizing facts
  • Early meaningful patient interactions with emphasis on both individual and population health
  • Emphasis on scholarship, critical thinking, and lifelong learning
  • Focused on learning rather than teaching
  • Assessment drives learning
  • Emphasis on reflection, assessment, and transformation

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